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A Road Map to World Peace

Fortunately, we have not lost all the gems our forefathers upheld for family unity and world peace. We can Identify and uphold cultural values that unite families. We must encourage family reunions and visit to family home towns. Parents should inculcate family values in their wards. There is the need for cultural education (of Ghana) […]

A Vision of The World

Imagine 25 years from now, we have a world of youngsters without fear or anger, and who are aware of, and can proudly celebrate their uniqueness. That is a world of Peace and we can start building it now! Such a world of empowered youngsters will generate a purifying energy that will liberate the minds […]

Etherean Mission: Church of Spiritual Empowerment

We are here to promote the finest state of spiritual existence and to activate the kingdom of heaven which is already present and full in everyone on earth.Our mission is to share truth principles in ways that will awaken truth in all. Truth in neither taught or learnt. Truth is in the very fabric of […]

Acquire Knowledge

Ideas are living entities in a thought-world as real and material as our world is to us. They make a home for themselves in the mind that is emptied of all pretensions to knowledge. Like the air, knowledge is available to all but not all are available to it. Breathing for most of us is […]