From birth till you die, you are bound to relate and to love and possibly to marry yet there is no formal or informal education in these essential areas of our lives. What you want most, beyond your career and the luxuries of structures, is to be able to relate with yourself, attract meaningful friends and enjoy relationships.

We pay for financial advice and when it comes to love, relationship and marriage we expect them to work automatically.When it comes to love, the majority has little or no knowledge about what it is. This is the way many people practice love: You were born to love only once; you live your life looking for this one person and when you find him or her, every one you have loved before is a mistake and you cannot love anyone again. You have to feel guilt and shame when you think of past lovers or feel love for someone else. This practice is not in harmony with Nature.

When I have done lectures on love, I ask, “has anyone been in a relationship and while in it you felt love for somebody else?” 99% raise their hands in yes. To feel guilt and shame for loving is to commit adultery. Adultery is not just going outside your marriage, it is what you do that adulterates, dilutes and contaminates the love you feel. So in essence, the relationship you had after the first one was just adultery because you carry all the pains and the misery of the past into the next one.

The love you feel is divine and it has nothing to do with relationships. The love you feel was not brought to you by the person you love; it is you who feel the love and not the other person. The other person was used by Nature to open that fountain of love that was already residing in you and you are just grateful to this person for the activation of the love you feel. Many marriages are like broken pots that been mended because you the person going into the relationship are already scattered by past relationships.

We are spiritual being so no relationship is over until you know how to have a successful closure.

Many people do not attract suitors and those who do keep attracting the same kind of wrong suitors and that is because they are married in their psyche to all the past suitors. To attract the right suitors or business partners you need to free your psyche from all past relational injuries and win the wisdom in the supposed pains. I provide the knowledge system for this successful closure for you to be free to attract the right suitor or enjoy your current marriage in a program known as Sacred Divorce.

Sacred Divorce is a program for winning life’s wisdom, knowledge and experience in all relationships you have ever had so that you are equipped with richer inner knowledge and abilities to create, recreate and enjoy the current one or attract one if you do not have.

Courses: Sacred Divorce; Marriage, The full gospel of Love is covered in the education movie called Center of Love.

Relationships requires that you have the needed Time, Energy, Space and Circumstance to participate in the other person’s Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial life. To know a person is to know who they are in their Gender, Persona and Senses.

Self Knowledge is covered in the first three lessons of Essential Life Education and You can study them here.Without this knowledge, every relationship is a recipe for disaster. Discover the needed knowledge here.

Products: Center of Love movie, Center of Love Book, Sacred Divorce Program, Sex, Communication and Money

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