Conscious Humanity, is a movement to shift awareness to realizing that World Peace is possible in our lifetime.

What is my life purpose? How do I find true peace? Creating world peace begins with creating a sense of inner peace and purpose within you, the individual. Our goal is to create a peaceful world by providing time-tested research and proven teachings that are rooted in the deep understanding of the laws of Nature.

As you apply these teachings to your life, you will find that your life becomes more aligned with abundance, peace, a strong sense of purpose, and overall happiness in life, no matter where you might find yourself now. The answers to your deepest questions will come to you, and your innermost conflicts become resolved.

This peace can be experienced through the study and application of Brother Ishmael Tetteh’s teachings available on this site and through our extended forms of learning. Sign up for our free e-course to finally get started on your path to inner peace and purpose.