We are here to promote the finest state of spiritual existence and to activate the kingdom of heaven which is already present and full in everyone on earth.Our mission is to share truth principles in ways that will awaken truth in all. Truth in neither taught or learnt. Truth is in the very fabric of all people. We share truth principle to remind and awaken people to it. Our aim is to bring to each individual the experience of the kingdom of God. We do this by providing time-tested spiritual tools for the activation and ultimate realisation of one’s full potential. Spiritual Enlightenment Enlightenment is awakening to the divinity you are as a spirit being, and to the powers and abilities you possess. Jesus taught that. Though people of all religions profess to worship the same God, three quarters of the wars experienced in the world have been fought partly or wholly in the name of religion.

The aim of Etherean Mission is to see a unified universe, which embraces all men irrespective of race, creed or culture. Jesus taught, ‘by their fruits, ye shall know them.’ Matt.7:15-16. The proof that a religious teaching is of God is that it produces love, peace, and brotherly dignity. In Ephesians 4:6 and Acts 10:11-15, 34-35, the Bible teaches that there is only one God within all life and that no matter where you are or who you are, when you do the will of God you are accepted of God. This teaching is about religious oneness and we advocate that.The church that teaches that its brand of religion is the only way to God and that all else are evil bears the fruits of conflict, war, fear, separation etc.

Our broad minded approach enriches us with great wisdom from all religious traditions. God may be answering your need from someone outside your religious faith.Would you want to live in a world that is fermenting with war? Do you know when and where it will explode into full-scale war? Certainly, God’s Kingdom is not a Kingdom of war; and teachings that divide us by religion are not of God. Even in one Religion alone, there are thousands of different sects, each claiming an absolute way to God. When spirituality instead of human egoism; when God consciousness instead of Selfishness is taught in our religious centres, the Kingdom of God, love and peace will be installed as our lives. Heaven here and now is possible. JOIN US NOW. At the moment, over 80% of all wars in the world are caused by religion. You can join us heal that.God has no religion and seeks those who practice love and not those who have the label of a religion.
The world is today concerned about the development of Africa. This can only be done through the development of the people since that is what holds the framework for the development of attitudes. Over the years, however, through colonisation and other deliberate and indeliberate factors, Africans have been brainwashed to believe that they are evil or mistaken handyworks of God. Looking down on yourself is self-destruction and that accounts for the present woes of the Continent. A people without spiritual, historical and cultural heritage are dead. Destroy the culture of a people and you have succeeded in destroying their identity. Destroy ones identity and all of his creative ability and hope for happiness is destroyed. Destruction of a culture is the destruction of a thinking and spirituality of the people. To accept that we Africans, our culture and beliefs are all evil is to negate and destroy ourselves. Indians, Jews, Japanese and Chinese prosper everywhere they go and are respected because they carry their culture with them. Indians and Jews in Britain for example, dress in their cultural attires to work and to social gathering; they speak their languages publicly and even have their schools so that their cultural values are preserved in their youth. Take a look at Africa, you find economic deprivation, war and poverty everywhere. This is because we have been brainwashed not to love ourselves as Africans. We change our names to European ones, bleach our skins to look fair and christen everything that is sweet and desirable as belonging to the Europeans. We insist our children speak English everywhere. We are so unsuspecting that we are secretly being destroyed. The work of Etherean Mission is to sound the ‘wake up’ call. Love who and what you are as an African. It is only then that you can truly love your neighbours of other races.Now you know the truth so you must act! “This world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of those who do wrong but because of those who know the right thing but do nothing about the wrong.” Martin Luther King Jnr.Our aim is nothing less than establishing the Kingdom of God (love, peace, creativity) in the minds and hearts of all men. Join Us Save the World.

Ideas are living entities in a thought-world as real and material as our world is to us.

They make a home for themselves in the mind that is emptied of all pretensions to knowledge. Like the air, knowledge is available to all but not all are available to it.

Breathing for most of us is merely a process of  inflation and deflation without proper digestion of air for our nourishment.

Same way as in proper breathing, when our mental lungs are emptied of  effluvia, then augmented by the emotional energies of deep veneration and devotion to knowledge; absolute assurance in your ability to know; and anticipation of knowledge,  you are able to aspire or breathe towards true knowledge.