Money is divine and it is meant to be used to promote the good that you are. Have as much money as you desire for your noble goals. Money can provide a luxury for you: a house, a good car, a travel from your dream and vacation in some exotic villa in Thailand. Money is divine and it is meant to be us. This truth is challenging, yet, it must go down into your consciousness that “money is the only reason why you are here.” Do not dispute it.

Money is the symbol for the value of services rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. You are here, solely to give service and that means money and until you heal your relationship with money you will not attract it. You are here, solely to give service and that means to give money and to get more money?

This truth is challenging, yet, it must go down into your consciousness that “money is the only reason why you are here.” Do not dispute it. Money is the symbol for the value of services rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. You are here, solely to give service and that means money and until you heal your relationship with money you will not attract it. (You are here, solely to give service and that means to give money and to get more money?)

Everyone wants money and many who want it also, hate it at the same time. To hate or resent money to any degree is to hate or resent your own released energy and that is self-negation. When you grow with programming such as money is too much trouble, or it is only bad people who have money, or money is the root of all evil, you already have laws created in your subconscious mind to negate the attraction of money to you.

Everyone deserves to be rich wealthy and prosperous. Just as there is more than enough water, earth, air, and sunshine for everyone, there is enough of money and wealth for everyone. Money is the only reason why you are here and don’t fight this statement. You need to feel comfortable with this wisdom and until you do, having money will be a struggle. Money is the symbol for the value of service rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. Energy is spirit and cannot be seen but when it works it can be realized. The symbol for the energy released to benefit another is called Money.

To hate or resent the symbol for the energy you have released is to hate or resent yourself. Money makes it possible to quantify released service energy and it is also used to measure wealth. There are many negative information that you have fed into the subconscious mind that holds over 90% of your mental energy; the result is that it sabotages the little conscious moments of working for money. You can remove all the restrictive forces to your success and have the wealth you desire. You need to have lots of money because you have a divine mission of World Peace that requires huge resources. If about $5b a month is spent on war, why not have all the money you deserve to promote life?

In this site are the tools to heal these wrong programming so that you can attract the good you deserve and use it expand the good that you are.

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A soccer player needs to know where the goal post is and have a process to score. When you donate see the goal you cannot score; and when you see the goal but the process is wrong, you will not score as well.

Every achievement requires a goal and a process and for any of these or similar issues, there are spiritual tools revealed by Nature to give you fast and lasting mastery for inner joy.

In reality, we do not develop our spirituality, we awaken to it. Personal and spiritual development, therefore, provide the tools for the activation of your potentials. Again, when we talk about potentials, no one has potential; Nature is the mother and custodian of her own potentials, however, there are simple and specific tools that enables you to connect to the various fields of Nature\’s potentials. People, such as Isaac Newton, have had sudden insights that have led to great discoveries. Sudden insights imply that they did not have the potential but by some chance, they connected to it and it was a discovery. What if there are ways to connect directly and with certainty? And there is; and that is what our research and discoveries with Nature provides you through this website.

We know that everyone is different and needs vary. We have therefore provided an array of tools that you may work with. Read through their profiles and let your soul guide you.

Products: Spiritual Persona, Center of Love movie, Center of Love Book, Path of Pure Potential. Meditation in Paradise

A popular teaching states that when you go to Rome you do what Romans do. And now that you have arrived home here on earth you must study Natures simple principles to enable you stop the life of daily struggle and begin to live.

This book, The Way Forward, is my 22nd book and contains the 18 principles of Nature for an empowered living. This is the book that I have seen people buy up to 20 copies at a time and when I asked them why, they all say that this is the most powerful spiritual tool they have found and that they are buying them as gifts for friends; and soon you will also agree with them.

In everyone, there is what I call “you Core Philosophy” and if this philosophy is not in harmony with nature, your life is a struggle. The first three principles alone will be enough to bring your Core Philosophy in harmony with Nature, then you are on the road to a vibrant blissful life which produces the quality of your thoughts, feelings, actions and responses.

A brief on principles 1-3

Before you arrived here, Nature was here and, in fact, you are a product of Nature; there is no Nature and you; you are a part of Nature. You breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and the plants take in the carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for your survival. You see Nature’s synchronization right here.

Nature uses simple principles, repeated over time to create the complex universe and has experimented with itself for billions of years before you got here ad to live harmoniously in it, you must study her spiritual principles and live by them more about Strategies In On Line Betting alterations

Whenever I have given talks based on these principles, it has produced profound awakening. Principle 1 for example states that “life is about pain”.

The religious, non-religionists, metaphysicians and scientists are all working towards the escape from pain. Religion, in my observation, was invented to give you a god, somewhere beyond the skies to save you from the pains in Nature and science promised to give you all the needed tools for you to dominate Nature. The efforts of religions not based on Nature have produced more depressions and lunatics and the efforts of science have produced gargantuan amounts of pollution and its consequential diseases.

Naturally, when I present Nature’s philosophy that life is about pain they react objecting to it. But soon, they came to realize as I expatiate it that in truth “Life is about pain but pain is not about you”; pain is about the activation and revelation of your innate potentials. Every human being wants to have a sense of achievements and that means you signed up to come to Earth to have obstacles or pains to break through, surmount or transcend; and the pain you run away from, you run into because you are focusing on it.

It is strange that even through you do not want pain, you have and are creating a large vessels for the storage of pain so that you live in more struggle.

Principle two shatters the vessels of pain and principle three is the principle of freedom. The other principles give you firm foundations in life.

Another master piece for you is Possibility Living. In that book, I teach the language of the mind. Positive thinking rarely works. For example, you affirm “I am rich, I am rich” and while you do so, your logical mind brings you all the evidences of how you have less than a $100 in your bank account and your parents and grandparents were poor.

Using the discovered language of the mind brings the mind into agreement with you and you are able to use all the fears and negative suggestions of the mind as allies for your Spiritual, Physical and Financial breakthrough, also you will get  acls and bls certificaiton .

You cannot be or remain a slave to the mind and to attempt to conquer it is to conquer yourself and that is disaster, and you deserve better than that. The mind is your friend and partner and all you do is to learn its natural language and employ it for any goal you have in life.

From birth till you die, you are bound to relate and to love and possibly to marry yet there is no formal or informal education in these essential areas of our lives. What you want most, beyond your career and the luxuries of structures, is to be able to relate with yourself, attract meaningful friends and enjoy relationships.

We pay for financial advice and when it comes to love, relationship and marriage we expect them to work automatically.When it comes to love, the majority has little or no knowledge about what it is. This is the way many people practice love: You were born to love only once; you live your life looking for this one person and when you find him or her, every one you have loved before is a mistake and you cannot love anyone again. You have to feel guilt and shame when you think of past lovers or feel love for someone else. This practice is not in harmony with Nature.

When I have done lectures on love, I ask, “has anyone been in a relationship and while in it you felt love for somebody else?” 99% raise their hands in yes. To feel guilt and shame for loving is to commit adultery. Adultery is not just going outside your marriage, it is what you do that adulterates, dilutes and contaminates the love you feel. So in essence, the relationship you had after the first one was just adultery because you carry all the pains and the misery of the past into the next one.

The love you feel is divine and it has nothing to do with relationships. The love you feel was not brought to you by the person you love; it is you who feel the love and not the other person. The other person was used by Nature to open that fountain of love that was already residing in you and you are just grateful to this person for the activation of the love you feel. Many marriages are like broken pots that been mended because you the person going into the relationship are already scattered by past relationships.

We are spiritual being so no relationship is over until you know how to have a successful closure.

Many people do not attract suitors and those who do keep attracting the same kind of wrong suitors and that is because they are married in their psyche to all the past suitors. To attract the right suitors or business partners you need to free your psyche from all past relational injuries and win the wisdom in the supposed pains. I provide the knowledge system for this successful closure for you to be free to attract the right suitor or enjoy your current marriage in a program known as Sacred Divorce.

Sacred Divorce is a program for winning life’s wisdom, knowledge and experience in all relationships you have ever had so that you are equipped with richer inner knowledge and abilities to create, recreate and enjoy the current one or attract one if you do not have.

Courses: Sacred Divorce; Marriage, The full gospel of Love is covered in the education movie called Center of Love.

Relationships requires that you have the needed Time, Energy, Space and Circumstance to participate in the other person’s Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial life. To know a person is to know who they are in their Gender, Persona and Senses.

Self Knowledge is covered in the first three lessons of Essential Life Education and You can study them here.Without this knowledge, every relationship is a recipe for disaster. Discover the needed knowledge here.

Products: Center of Love movie, Center of Love Book, Sacred Divorce Program, Sex, Communication and Money

Join Brother Ishmael on his United States of America Organic Spirituality Tour 2017

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1. Brother Ishmael will be in the United States of America from April 20th – May 23rd.

2. To date, he is scheduled to speak at Agape on April 23rd and at Inner Light Ministries in Santa Cruz on May 7th.

3. Mystical Explosion Retreat – Brother Ishmael’s retreat will be held at the Royal Way Retreat Center in Lucerne Valley, CA (near Joshua Tree but better).  The dates are May 19-May 21st.

Early Bird Cost is $475  and it includes all accommodations.

There are other things happening and more dates to be added and more information will be sent out, but mark your calendar.

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Sunday, April 23rd

Sunday Speaker for two services

Agape International Spiritual Center – Rev Michael Beckwith

5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, CA 90230

Contact info: Phone: (310)-348-1250 / (310) 348-1260


Time: 6:15 AM Service

Sunday, April 30th

East Bay Church of RS Oakland, CA

Sunday Services

Address: 4130 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Contact info: Phone: (510) 420-1003


Sunday, May 7th

Sunday Morning Speaker

Inner Light Ministries, Santa Cruz, CA

5630 Soquel Dr, Soquel, CA 95073

Contact info: Phone: (831) 465-9090


Time: 10:00 AM Service

Workshop: Essential Life Education – Wealth **

Time: 2:30 PM

Sunday, May 14th

Sunday Services

Heart & Soul Oakland, CA

1001 42nd St #100, Oakland, CA 94608

Contact info: (510) 250-2082

Website: https://www.heartsoulcenter

May 19 – 21

Mystical Explosion Retreat

Lucerne Valley, CA

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