Who We Are


Conscious Humanity, is a movement to shift awareness to realizing that World Peace is possible in our lifetime.  OUR GOAL is to create a peaceful world by providing time-tested research and proven teachings that are rooted in the deep understanding of the laws of Nature. Josephine

These practical principles bring about the rediscovery and development of the inner self and how it relates to the world.
We believe that in order for us to manifest world peace, inner peace must be cultivated and practiced.

This peace can be experienced through the study and application of Brother Ishmael Tetteh’s core teaching Essential Life Education.

The curriculum of Essential Life Education provides knowledge of the Self, and of our social, environmental and economic Relationship as core subjects.  Through this holistic development we evolve in ways that enable us to live harmoniously in a world that supports the highest good for all.


Brother Ishmael Tetteh:
An African Mystic and a spiritual visionary

Bing Bush:
Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Bing Bush, Jr., APC

Rev. Doreene Hamilton-Hudson C.E.O. of Spiritual Arts

Dr. Wendy Kaveney:
Marketing Specialist.

David Steel:
President and C.E.O. at
U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

Mark Schmid:
CEO ArtFunction Inc. An entrepreneur and manufacturer


Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Darity Wesley
Rev. Carolyn Wilkins
Brigitte Wood

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