Who We Are

We believe in the Vision of World Peace in our lifetime

We are dedicated to the creation of the teachings and tools to make World Peace happen

Conscious Humanity Inc. (CHI) is…

A Movement for World Peace in Our Lifetime.

Our Goal is to create a peaceful world by fostering Conscious Humanitarians. People who seek to promote peace and human welfare. CHI has discovered that to achieve World Peace we must first achieve inner peace. So you are the solution to creating a world in harmony.

CHI offers time-tested programs and tools that transform and uplift lives. These are rooted in The Laws of Nature as revealed to Brother Ishmael Tetteh, African Indigenous Spiritual Leader and Mystic. CHI has spent years making the teachings of Brother Ishmael accessible for you to discover your purpose, unlock your potentials and be empowered; ultimately, bringing you to Peace. You can only be in harmony with others, when you are in at Peace with yourself.

Additionally, CHI works together with our sister organizations Etherean Missions, Ghana and UK, to get our message out – World Peace in our Lifetime. We invite you to join our movement and become a Conscious Humanitarian who stands for Peace, Harmony and a world that supports the highest good for all.


Our Vision and Mission…

Our Vision is a world of proactive, creative, conscious people, who know their life’s purpose, and have activated their hidden potentials, while celebrating and supporting the betterment of the planet. We are committed to bring about World Peace and the celebration of life by providing Nature-based tools that awaken individuals to the power, peace and purpose already within themselves.

We believe that all conflicts and other human incapacities result from the lack of knowledge of the Self and the loss of awareness of our uniqueness. Thus, not being able to celebrate and embrace diversity, nor ourselves. This inability creates a sense of separation, giving birth to fear, anger, depression, doubt, loneliness, anxiety, hopelessness etc.  In turn, these negativities create a destructive civilization that sabotages and destroys itself through injustice, intolerance, war, conflict, and marginalization, with a desire to have power over instead of ‘power with’.

We are committed to the creation of a world that is for the betterment and upliftment of all lives. CHI provides transformative tools and teachings that can be used to enrich one’s life, create harmonious relationships, and uplift others.

We are here to create a world of Conscious Humanitarians who live harmoniously
and work for the greater good of life.

We see a world where every person is accepted, supported, nurtured and expresses their innate potentials. Thus creating a world that honors and celebrates each person’s uniqueness and works for the highest good of all.



Our Inspiration

Brother Ishmael Tetteh is a Renowned African, Indigenous, Spiritual Leader and Mystic whose International presence and message of World Peace for over 40 years has empowered thousands from Africa, to Europe, and to the United States of America. Brother Ishmael Tetteh is a businessman turned Spiritual Leader. He was the former founder and CEO of the 3rd largest computer company in Ghana and now the leader of one of Ghana’s most forward thinking spiritual organization.

Brother Ishmael has devoted his life to the transformation of human consciousness through the principles of nature. He has spent his lifetime studying, observing and learning from Nature. From this study he uncovered the source of human suffering and found solutions. He discovered Laws of Nature that govern us. From this ancient wisdom that was revealed to him, he developed tools and technologies that show us how to live harmonious lives; filled with joy, purpose and peace. His goal is to bring indigenous teachings and nature’s principles of empowerment to 1% of the world’s population which will be the tipping point for world peace.

To reach this goal, Brother Ishmael has opened multiple centers of spiritual empowerment.  He founded the Etherean Mission in Accra, Ghana which now has 3 locations across Ghana.  Etherean Mission then expanded to UK with a branch opening in London. Conscious Humanity Inc., located in Los Angeles, CA is the United States branch for the teachings of Brother Ishmael. He is also the author of over 30 books for personal growth and spiritual development. He has trained over 30 Mystics and Naturopathic practitioners in the Laws of Nature and principles of healing to further his message of Peace, Power and Purpose.

Brother Ishmael’s teachings are transforming lives globally. He has appeared is such films as “Ghetto Physics” and “Three Magic Words”. He is featured weekly on Ghana’s Crystal TV. Additionally, he and his mystics are showcased 2 days a week on the UK based radio program, The Hour od Awakening and Empowerment on Akwantufuo Radio. Moreover, Bro. Ishmael’s charismatic presence has graced many podiums around the world. From the New Thought Allaince in South Africa, to the Association for Global New Thought in Italy, to many USA and UK centers and organizations. Those who know Brother Ishmael enjoy the magnificence of his spirit and warm, loving presence. His truths and teachings are filled with divine wisdom and healing, which move people deeply and bring profound transformation.

He believes that future peace lies in the children of today. In his movement for world peace, he established the Omanye Foundation providing educational grants to nurture the spirit if children and creates a program specifically for parents, caregivers and teachers called “Growing the Empowered ChildTM”. Growing the Empowered ChildTM is designed to raise children without anger or fear, who are able to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of themselves and of every other person they encounter. These programs support children to grow into adults dedicated to Peace and the betterment of humanity.

No matter what he has accomplished, Brother Ishmael Tetteh has had one focus to wake people up to Truth of who and what they are, to discover why you are here, find the hidden blocked potentials and activate them all through learning and utilizing the Laws of Nature. Until each of us is as Peace with ourselves we cannot have peace in the world. Brother Ishmael teaches:

“You did not bring yourself here on Earth nor did you come here from some place. You emerged from the wholeness of Life. What the wholeness of Life is, is what you are and what it is seeking to do is what you are here to do. Life exists only for itself and is working for its absolute success.” – Brother Ishmael Tetteh

And it is working through you for its success!

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