Ancestral Wisdom Virtual Retreat

Connect to Your Lineage. Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose. Build Your Legacy.

Are you ready to connect with your Ancestors to help transform your life?

The wisdom and attainment of your ancestors is available for your inheritance. You chose that line of incarnation for a definite reason.

In this two-part Master Class with African Mystic and Teacher of Nature, Bro. Ishmael Tetteh, you will learn how to:

+ Connect with the rich heritage of your ancestors and tap into their wisdom for sustainability, resilience, and spiritual well-being.

+ Heal the Ancestral rift of shame and guilt between races.

+ Discover your ancestral character and identity and let this help you chart your own course in a more harmonious, supported and less traumatic ways.

+ Forge ahead in life through the harnessing of the accumulated wisdom and spiritual energy of your ancestors.

+ Stand on the sacred achievements and failures of your ancestors and use them as a springboard to achieve greater heights.

+ Request protection from your ancestors.

+ Put on the mind of your ancestors and tap into their energy field to reveal and enhance your gifts.

+ Become a better ancestor for future generations.

+ And more!

This retreat is sacred and powerful. The information taught is to assist you in navigating and growing through these times we are living in. It is not work to be abused or taken lightly.

Life is one organic whole. Connect yourself with your ancestors and save yourself from having to re-invent the wheel. Use this connection to Expand your Life.

You are the answer to your Ancestor’s prayers.

Seek their assistance in making your dreams come true.

When: Saturday, October 2 and Saturday, October 9, 2021 9 a.m. to Noon PST (11 a.m. CT / Noon ET / 4 p.m. Ghana) Where: The Retreat will be streamed live. Log-in details to the event will be provided 48 hours prior to the date. Self-investment: $150 total (includes both sessions and access to the replay for 30 days)

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