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World Peace Program

Peaceful People: Peaceful Planet We have seen the signs of the annihilation of the human race through nuclear bombs and we can stop that from happening. The family system which is the building block of society is breaking down. World peace is possible in our life time through the study of the Knowledge of the […]

Create Prosperity and Financial Wealth

IMPROVE YOUR FINANCES Money is divine and it is meant to be used to promote the good that you are. Have as much money as you desire for your noble goals. Money can provide a luxury for you: a house, a good car, a travel from your dream and vacation in some exotic villa in […]

Discover the principle of wholeness

A soccer player needs to know where the goal post is and have a process to score. When you donate see the goal you cannot score; and when you see the goal but the process is wrong, you will not score as well. Every achievement requires a goal and a process and for any of […]

Heal and Improve Your Relationships

From birth till you die, you are bound to relate and to love and possibly to marry yet there is no formal or informal education in these essential areas of our lives. What you want most, beyond your career and the luxuries of structures, is to be able to relate with yourself, attract meaningful friends […]

Bro. Ishmael Tetteh US Tour Schedule 2017

Join Brother Ishmael on his United States of America Organic Spirituality Tour 2017 (New Dates + Events Still Being Added) 1. Brother Ishmael will be in the United States of America from April 20th – May 23rd. 2. To date, he is scheduled to speak at Agape on April 23rd and at Inner Light Ministries […]

Three Mystical Truths with The Mystical Living Program

Bro. Ishmael Tetteh the great African mystic as you know him takes you on a spiritual journey of a life time. This a powerful way to start your year and allign yourself with your life’s purpose. The Three Mystical Truths can rarely be explained but their power is almost instant. This is a course-initiation that will […]

Mystical Explosion Retreat 2017

Save Your Space Today! Attend The Mystical Explosion Retreat With Brother Ishmael Tetteh FRIDAY, MAY 19th 4 PM – SUNDAY, MAY 21nd 2 PM Answer the Call to Your Spirit’s Evolution. A Powerful Mystical Intensive designed to teach you how to connect to the sacred intention that the Universe has for your life. Learn to […]

Meditation In Paradise

Meditation in Paradise is a unique audio reprograming tool that releases you from stress and rejuvenates your mind and body. Its effect is almost instant. Statistics has it that most diseases are stress related and with this program you can free yourself quickly from stress. Besides it is the tool to lift you to your […]

The Etherean Agape Family

Etherean Mission was formed around me in 1975. People who were consulting me for Healing and clinic services received periodic spiritual messages from our monthly convocations. Those who believed in it decided to stay and it became a church. My message was and has been different from the traditional Christian teaching of hell-fire-and brimstone. I have […]