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Lesson 5: Attitudes for Success

Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.— John Mitchell A popular teaching states that your altitude depends on your attitude, and it is true. Attitude would require you to start, stop, or change the directions of your thinking, feeling and common actions. It will, for example, require you to cultivate a saving, spending, […]

Types of Marital Relationships

I have, in my over 40 years of counseling, identified four types of marital relationships. They are: The Master-Slave relationship: You do as I say without questioning. The Teacher-Student Relationship: I Know it all and you must always learn from me and listen. You cannot teach me. The Roller Coaster Relationship: Characterized by Mood Swings […]

Brother Ishmael Tetteh Spring Tour Schedule 2019

Friday – Sunday  – May 3 – 5:  Mystical Explosion Retreat 2019 Friday, May 10th Place 7-10 pm Pot Luck and Spiritual Teaching. Oakland Peace Center  111 Fairmount Ave, Oakland 94611.  contact us: conscioushumanity@gmail.com for more information. Sunday, May 12th Heart& Soul Center of Light, A Center for Spiritual Living 2435 Magnolia Ave, LaVerne, CA […]