Fortunately, we have not lost all the gems our forefathers upheld for family unity and world peace. We can Identify and uphold cultural values that unite families. We must encourage family reunions and visit to family home towns. Parents should inculcate family values in their wards.

There is the need for cultural education (of Ghana) as part of our educational system and the encouragement of people to participate in cultural festivals and family functions.

I sincerely suggest the establishment of a National Culture Day. We have many Christian and Islamic holidays. To deny the Ghanaian the same is an insult to our dignity as a people.

The way to consolidate the family is for every family to have a Family Character. The creation of Family Character must be taught in schools at all levels. Teaching our youth how to raise an Ideal Family is a most urgent need. The family outlives our professions. We teach people great careers but there is no systematic teaching on marriage or raising a family. Everyone is expected to know automatically; it does not work that way. Marriage and family creation work when we work at it.

From Family Character, we may grow into the development of State Character. Who is a Ghanaian, for example, must not speak of political rights only. It must address characteristics that constitute the nature of a Ghanaian.

Churches should teach their members to focus on good and not evil because what you focus on is what manifests for you. Branding of elders as witches and wizards for any reason is unethical, and is against the very precepts of Christianity or Islam which we profess.

Technological civilization is a major cause for split in families. Technology is not evil in itself; it is the use we put it to. We can use technologies like the internet for creating and reuniting families and  peachy cleaning austin tx . We can for example create family websites and Internet User Forums. An adage in Ga states that ‘families are not gotten but created.’ This implies that we can integrate others into our biological families.

Our musicians must create music that educates and also honours genuine achievements.

We all know what is right, but if we do not focus on what is right, then what is wrong will take over. We can recreate the family based on the principles of the pristine African Family values and this will guarantee the peace we crave for.