Friday – Sunday  – May 3 – 5:  Mystical Explosion Retreat 2019

Friday, May 10th Place 7-10 pm Pot Luck and Spiritual Teaching. Oakland Peace Center  111 Fairmount Ave, Oakland 94611.  contact us: for more information.

Sunday, May 12th Heart& Soul Center of Light, A Center for Spiritual Living 2435 Magnolia Ave, LaVerne, CA 91750. Phone (909) 392-6825, Sunday Service 8: 45 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Friday, May 17th KPFK Radio – 90.7 FM “Wake Up – The Sound of Transformation” with Michael Bernard Beckwith – Interview 1 p.m. PST

Sunday, May 19th Inner Light Ministries, 5630 Soquel Drive Soquel, California 95073 (831) 465-9090 Sunday Service 10:30 am Workshop to follow.

Friday, May 24th A Gathering for Brother Ishmael. Potluck and Spiritual Teaching Location: Private residence 12609 Woodgreen St. LA 90066 6:30-9: 30 pm Bring a sharable non-dessert dish. for more information.

Sunday, May 26th Agape Int’l Spiritual Center, The Saban Theater, 8440 Wilshire Blvd. Bev. Hills, CA 90210. Phone (310) 348-1250,

Sunday Service 9:00 and 11:30 am Workshop to follow last service

Join Brother Ishmael on his United States of America Organic Spirituality Tour 2017

(New Dates + Events Still Being Added)

1. Brother Ishmael will be in the United States of America from April 20th – May 23rd.

2. To date, he is scheduled to speak at Agape on April 23rd and at Inner Light Ministries in Santa Cruz on May 7th.

3. Mystical Explosion Retreat – Brother Ishmael’s retreat will be held at the Royal Way Retreat Center in Lucerne Valley, CA (near Joshua Tree but better).  The dates are May 19-May 21st.

Early Bird Cost is $475  and it includes all accommodations.

There are other things happening and more dates to be added and more information will be sent out, but mark your calendar.

Feel free to contact us for more information or questions you may have, or possibilities for speaking events.

Contact us at now!



Sunday, April 23rd

Sunday Speaker for two services

Agape International Spiritual Center – Rev Michael Beckwith

5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, CA 90230

Contact info: Phone: (310)-348-1250 / (310) 348-1260


Time: 6:15 AM Service

Sunday, April 30th

East Bay Church of RS Oakland, CA

Sunday Services

Address: 4130 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Contact info: Phone: (510) 420-1003


Sunday, May 7th

Sunday Morning Speaker

Inner Light Ministries, Santa Cruz, CA

5630 Soquel Dr, Soquel, CA 95073

Contact info: Phone: (831) 465-9090


Time: 10:00 AM Service

Workshop: Essential Life Education – Wealth **

Time: 2:30 PM

Sunday, May 14th

Sunday Services

Heart & Soul Oakland, CA

1001 42nd St #100, Oakland, CA 94608

Contact info: (510) 250-2082

Website: https://www.heartsoulcenter

May 19 – 21

Mystical Explosion Retreat

Lucerne Valley, CA

Yes! You can schedule a personal session with Brother Ishmael!

Call NOW to schedule your private Healing, Spiritual Persona, Soul Processing or Spiritual Session with Brother Ishmael.

This is a rare opportunity to have a one-on-one session with Brother Ishmael. Experience the power of your Spirit through this personal time for Total Transformation. Sessions may cover Spiritual Persona work, Healing or Soul Processing, addressing any special need you may desire to address. Appointments are being scheduled now in the following areas on a first come first serve basis.

To arrange your appointment contact:

San Diego: Wendy Kaveney


Los Angeles: Doreene Hamilton


Since there are a limited number of sessions available, if you are unable to keep your appointment, please call within 48 hours of your appointed time so that someone else may be served. Suggested Donation: $200.00

Sponsored by Conscious Humanity Inc., a 501C3

Bro. Ishmael Tetteh the great African mystic as you know him takes you on a spiritual journey of a life time. This a powerful way to start your year and allign yourself with your life’s purpose.

The Three Mystical Truths can rarely be explained but their power is almost instant. This is a course-initiation that will change your life forever.

Many people live as though they will never die and die as though they have never lived. The Three Mystical Truths help you live a meaningful life.

The First Mystical Truth activates your potential and Natures vision.

Practice five steps that enable you to be free from all the restrictive forces and mental viruses that you have allowed to plague your consciousness and activate your potential and Natures vision of possibilities for you.

The Second Mystical Truth enables you to activate your Five Major Power Centers.

Vibrate from the five Power Centers: Oneness, Greatness, Instant Transformation, Source Wisdom and Cosmic Wisdom.

The Third Mystical Truth brings you into mystical union with the Universe.

Connect to the Creative, Love, Intelligence of the Universe. In a two-step process that dissolves you and instantly lifts up the essential you and merges you with Ultimate Reality, The Sacred Life you seek comes into its fullness as you.

Course Particulars.

To participate, Join the Mystical Living Program (MLP).

  1. The Mystical Living Program (MLP) is an on-going donation based program in which you are spiritually ligned monthly by Brother Ishmael’s spiritual team in Ghana.
  2. You can register to donate as little as $25.00 per month.
  3. If you donate $50.00 per month or more you are assigned a Mystic from the Inner Circle of the Etherean Mission. You can contact them when you have challenges in your life, or issues that need extra attention.
  4. Once the course starts on the January 1st you will not be able to join that group until 31st January when we start the group on the 2nd Mystical Truth. The order you do them is not important. Be sure to register before 31st January.
  5. You are under no obligation to participate in the daily call or with the Three Mystical Truth program. You can just be a part of the Mystical Living Program and reap those benefits.For program registration please CLICK HERE