Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.— John Mitchell

A popular teaching states that your altitude depends on your attitude, and it is true. Attitude would require you to start, stop, or change the directions of your thinking, feeling and common actions. It will, for example, require you to cultivate a saving, spending, giving, and an investment attitude. There are additional attitudes that you need to adopt for successful living. Here are few to start you with.

Study these attitudes and make them your growth fertilizer.

  1. I am always learning something new to improve my social and economic life.

Welcome to life. Life is a classroom of God revealing something new to you each moment. You do not see yourself twice in a mirror. You see a different image of yourself each moment you look at yourself in a mirror. You are on a journey of self-discovery as well as discovering the mystery of life. Give yourself the opportunity to learn something new, for life is a mystery of infinite discovery.

Unsuccessful people tend to stick to doing things the way they are used to. Successful people seek ways by which things could be improved.  Unsuccessful people always say ‘this is how we met it or this is how it’s always done’. Successful people say, ‘in what other way can it be done?’ If the telephones inventors had not gone on to improve it, we would not have had cellular phones today.

It is ideal to enter into a relationship with an open mind, ready to learn. It takes learning rather than goodness to make marriage work. Marriage is a learning process and you are there to learn from each other.

  1. I am punctual.

Lateness for programs and appointments will make you lose out on life. When you are late for a program or for classes, you will miss what you are to learn or acquire in the period you were not present. Lateness will make people lose trust in you, resulting in the loss friends, business and money.

Make a conscious effort to be on time for appointments and especially for programs you design for yourself. Time is money.

  1. I have a positive image of myself.

How do you see yourself? We often tend see ourselves the way people see us; and that is certainly dangerous. You are more than what the world thinks about you and you must not fit into the jacket of other people’s expectations.

One useful way to see who you truly are is to list the ideas your friends, parents and family members have about you and comparing it to how God sees you. For example, you may in silence ask yourself, ‘is this how God sees me?’ ‘In what way does God see me higher and nobler than this?’ Capture God’s idea about you and not how the world sees you. Sometimes, the way the world sees you could be positive; however, God’s idea about you is nobler – seek it.

Do not bother yourself about whether people believe in you or not. God believes in you and God and you form the majority.

  1. I am consciously grateful for at least 20 things each in my past, present and the future.

Of all practices for success, gratitude is a very important one. Gratitude is the highest form of prayer and spiritual practice.

You express gratitude when you see the good in yourself or in another person and are thankful for it. Gratitude focuses you on the good that happened, is happening, or the good that is emerging from challenges.

You do not only express gratitude when you received something good from life but also when you have surmounted challenges. Be grateful for the mistakes you have made in life. The moment of realizing that it was a mistake was a moment of learning and that calls for gratitude

Focusing on the good things in life opens you up for more of the same. Look into the past, especially the last year and identify 20 good things you are grateful to life for. Look around you now, and identify 20 good things you are grateful to life for. Do the same for the future. Thank God for positive things which are yet to come.

Read the list to yourself daily. This lifts you into positive consciousness and this positive energy energizes, rejuvenates, heals, restores, and fills you with ideas and opens your creative mind. What else do you need? Practice reading this to yourself every day. This practice of gratitude frees you from past and present painful memories and from future anxieties that wastes your energy.

  1. I am health conscious in my diet and exercise regularly.

You sometimes eat too much carbohydrate – you need just a ladle of rice to survive each day. Be conscious of your diet and exercise regularly. A week is made up of 178 hours. All you need is 20 minutes of vigorous exercise thrice a week – that adds up to just 1 hour. Give yourself an hour of vigorous exercise a week and it will give you 178 hours a week to enjoy – this is common sense so make it your common practice. Have a health plan that include, right diet, exercise, rest, and recreation including holidays.

  1. I am consciously passionate and joyful about life

Find something to be joyful about. Thank God for all the beauty around that you enjoy. Make a conscious effort to be joyful and passionate about yourself and your dreams always. Conspire with yourself to be and remain joyful.

You have every cause to be joyful; the wind blows freely to the tip of your nostrils, the sun continues to shine no matter how you are feeling. Life is spinning the planet at 1,000 mph for you to get night and day. If it is sunny all the time everything will dry up and die. Life will similarly perish if it were dark night all the time. Without night and day you will perish. To enjoy the seasons, the earth is speeding round the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. Even if you have lost your mother realize what it takes for life to spin the earth for you and rejoice.

Part of the joy of living is making time to enjoy some of the money you have and with others.

  1. I have deep spiritual respect for everyone

Make a conscious effort to have deep spiritual respect for everyone. In doing this, the good and positive idea in them will support you and lead you to success.

You need to have respect for the cleaner or the laborer for he is also a child of God. See all people as God sees them and not as the world sees them. A person may not have unfolded to your level but the potential is still in him. Respect the Christ that each person is.

  1. I claim my space but do not occupy other people’s space or stand in their way.

You have rights as a child of God but that does not mean you should infringe on the rights of others. You need to appreciate what you are as a child of God and appreciate that in others as well.

Do not hesitate to claim what is rightfully yours; claim your space and allow others theirs. Do not block other people’s progress; give people their spaces. Claim your freedom while allowing others to be free too. Rejoice in the successes of others.

  1. I am always on purpose.

If you are not on purpose, you are always blown about by the wind. Being on purpose involves knowing what you are about, where you are going, why you are going and how you are getting there. There are three things in life: Purpose, Direction and Destiny. Not having a purpose in life makes you stagnant and like stagnant water, you lose all the fish in you.

Your destiny shows where you are going; purpose gives you the reason and the ability to start going and direction shows you the easiest and safest way to get there. Cultivate the habit of being on purpose – create a time for learning and for having fun.

  1. I enjoy my body, mind and feeling.

When was the last time you really enjoyed your eyes? Enjoying your body is a way of energizing it. Be still and enjoy your heartbeat. Stand in front of a mirror and enjoy your body’s magnificence. Enjoy your feelings; there is nothing wrong with those feelings of arousal. Give them divine names and virtues. You may affirm “this feeling I am having is God’s wisdom” and that will draw wisdom from the universe to you. When you are married, make time to really love and enjoy your husband or wife.

Many couples after 20 years cannot say they have really enjoyed their partner’s mind, feeling and body wholly for a full day. Take time to wash your skin and enjoy it. Make time for you; be important for you!

  1. I see obstacles as opportunities to express my genius and to expand my territories of experience. It’s a large me in a large universe.

It is a large you in a large universe. Obstacles are just opportunities for your expansion. Great men are not necessarily those who have made it or succeeded in everything. Great men are those who turned their failures and misfortunes into success stories.

No one succeeds every time so anyone who wants to succeed every time will be a failure because the moment they meet any setbacks, they would be overwhelmed by them. Instead, have the attitude of ‘I am here to break through life and to show my God glory.’ Any obstacle you encounter, therefore, is not about you. It is about something wonderful in you seeking to express.

When someone hates you, it is an opportunity for you to shine and express love. Failing an exam does not make you a failure – you failed because you did not learn enough. Life is a vast infinite subject and failing one subject does not make you a failure. The failure is just to tell you to re-prepare or re-study.

People have talents, which are either academic or technical. Identify what you love doing naturally and make that your career. Never stop yourself if you fail; move on, expand yourself in other areas of life; expand your territory of experience. Be known for something. It takes an unwavering will to make that happen. Study your environment to find out how you can benefit from it and make others benefit from what you are.

  1. I complete what I have started.

Make an effort to complete whatever project you undertake. The lives of many people are full of uncompleted assignments and this pulls them down into failure. Cultivate the habit of knowing what signifies the end of a project. Have a closing remark that says, ‘it is done and well done.’ If you are to clean or sweep, do it well and tell yourself it is well done.

The closing remark also builds in you the sense of completing things and gives you a sense of achieving more. For example, when you complete a chapter in math and tell yourself, ‘Yes I understand this well,’ your mind agrees with you and rounds up the subject to a full understanding. The next time you come to it, something inside you knows that you know it already done. This makes learning easier and more fun. When you do not give yourself closing remarks, it seems like you have never started anything at all. Even in conversation, ask yourself, ‘have I completed this conversation’ and make sure it is completed. ‘… until my good is better and my better best.’

  1. I think problems through to their solution

Most people procrastinate in thinking problems through to solution. The problem with people is that most of them do not know what their problems are. To see the solution, identify the problem and write it down following this procedure:

  • “The problem I am having is ….
  • Difficulties I am having to its solution is/are …
  • “What solution(s) could there be?”

Practicing this will soon cause solutions to flow quickly. Success means being able to arrive at solutions. Every product you have bought and will ever buy is a form of solution provided by someone. As a solution to the problem of communication, telephones were created, etc. You will succeed when people begin to pay for the solutions you provide. Every service you give is a solution you are providing. This makes you solution oriented. Many people tend to dwell more on their problems rather than on solutions and the consequence is failure.

  1. I make time to recognize, celebrate and enjoy what I have.

Have you made time to appreciate all that you possess? There are instances where people have visited pastors, spiritualist and been told that they have holes in their palms so that any money they acquire simply goes to waste.  This is has some psychological validation because anything you have, if not appreciated, celebrated and acknowledged goes to waste. On the other hand whatever you recognize and celebrate enables you to continue to acquire similar blessings because it cultivates in you the spirit of having. People tend to focus more on the things they do not have than on the things they have. As a result, they start losing what they have because they do not value or appreciate it. Life therefore does not see you worthy of getting more. Make time to recognize, celebrate and enjoy what you have. Somebody will work hard to make money to buy a brand of rich, quality tea and yet never quite taste it because while drinking it, he or she may be busily reading some slanderous news which takes his or her senses away from the tea. This is so with many things we have. When you are in the spirit of enjoying life, life gives you more to enjoy. “Unto him who has, more is given,” says the bible. You need to cultivate the spirit of having by recognizing and appreciating what you have. Such an attitude is also a cure for envy that reduces your value.

Consciously practice smile and laughter.

  1. I am truthful, trustworthy and dependable.

When given any work, can it be said that once you are in charge the work will be done completely? Can people depend on you to get tasks accomplished so that they won’t need to worry once it’s been delegated to you? If so then you are trustworthy and dependable. When you are in the wrong, can you comfortably apologize for the wrong? A simple statement like “sorry, I did not listen properly, or pardon me for getting it wrong” can show how truthful and trustworthy you are. Life can confide greater riches in your care when you have been proven to be truthful, dependable and trustworthy. You get paid for expressing these virtues.

That is to Live in integrity.

  1. I keep my word; however, I change my mind easily when it is for a higher good.

The teaching here is in keeping your word. Keeping your word means you are truthful and not easily swayed when you agree to a thing. Some consider it weakness to change your mind. That is not true because you are changing your mind every second. It is what you are changing your mind from and to which is important. Change your mind if it is for a higher good. If you realize that changing your mind will produce better results, go ahead and do it.

  1. I invest in books and workshops that enhance the quality of my life.

The wisdom here is exactly as it is written. Pledge a portion of your earnings to acquire books – it is the source of wisdom and knowledge with which you advance your life. Make time to participate in life-enhancing workshops.

  1. I give myself the permission to dream big; I dream of the impossible and ask myself, why not?

There are no limitations on what you can achieve. The biggest factories are not yet built. When you dream it, you can make it. There is no reason to settle for less. Few years ago, it was impossible to conceive that we can fly or have cellular phones. Challenge yourself to go beyond statistics and known phenomena. By all that was known, a feather falls down by the force of gravity, so it was inconceivable to dream of an aircraft. Today, it is a reality because someone dared to dream and ask how to make it possible.

  1. I learn to listen to myself and to my intuition more than others.

Of course you can take pieces of advice here and there. Good advices are confusing; a good advice is useful. However, when in trouble and you are bombarded with advices from everyone around you, even if they are good ones, they get you confused. Over time you lose your ability to know things and make decisions for yourself. Make friends of people you want to listen to and whose impartiality and wisdom you can trust.

  1. I Permit myself to teach and be taught.

You do not get depleted of knowledge when you teach others. On the contrary you gain knowledge from teaching. When you teach your mates the subject sticks better in your mind. This does not mean that you must waste your time teaching everyone. Offer help when you have the time to do so. One quality necessary for marriage is to make yourself available to learn. We come from different backgrounds, so no matter how good you are, you need to learn new ways from your partner. For example, no matter how well a person is groomed, the way the person’s mother prepares okra stew is different from the way your mother does it.  There is the need to learn new habits so be willing to learn and be willing to also impart.  Some people keep their wisdom to themselves until they die.  Unless the wisdom blesses somebody else it is useless.  All you know is the gift of God to enhance the planet.

  1. I ask questions about things I don’t understand.

If you see a procession in white and one of them is in black, if you cannot go and ask why, then keep your mouth shut and for goodness sake don’t be silly. The way to knowledge is to ask questions. Asking question is not a sign of ignorance; it speaks of an enquiring heart that will excel.  Get to understand the why of everything.

Many people condemn or ridicule whatever they do not understand, thinking that in so doing they are demonstrating supremacy. They are actually demonstrating latent idiocy. Probe with an open mind to know and increase in knowledge. Do not assume that you know it all; no one does; and, even the philosopher leaves the coat cutting to the tailor.

  1. I learn to be alone.

Occasionally move a little bit away from the crowd and distraction and be with yourself to discover and rediscover your dreams and goals. This enables you to tune in to spirit or any other Thought Systems to help you grow and discover new things.

  1. I accept responsibility for my errors and I sincerely apologize, and when necessary and possible, I make amends.

When own up to your mistakes and apologize for them it is a demonstration of strength and maturity. It earns you respect and trust. It makes people believe that you are honest and thus want to relate with you. Use the three magical words, “I am sorry’ with meaning. Don’t say it between your teeth; people can feel it when you do not mean your apology. Go an extra mile to make amends when you can.

By taking responsibility for your mistakes you are able to handle and learn from them. Always look for what you are responsible for. Never shift blame to exonerate yourself. Doing so weakens you and stops you from gaining the knowledge from that experience.

  1. I focus on the good and the divine or the possible good and the divine in myself and in all of life.

When you see the good and the divine or the possible good in yourself you will truly love yourself and grow your self-image. When you see the good and the divine or the possible good and the divine in others you will truly love them and support their highest good. This is what will grow a world of peace and beauty we have all desired.

Doing the above is what Jesus prescribed when he taught that we should love God with all our hearts, and our neighbors as ourselves.  Jesus was teaching us how to create and experience heaven here on earth.

People who do not love themselves are not conscious of the love of God that reaches to them from all people around them. When someone says that people do not like them, they are most times saying that they do not love themselves.

No matter what evil may appear to be happening, something good will emerge. If Joseph’s (of the Bible) brothers have not sold him into slavery, he would not have interpreted the King’s dream to save the world from famine. Through that he also became a great lord and ruler over his brothers. If you meet unfortunate conditions, always be still and ask yourself, ‘what good is seeking to come out of this?’

  1. I pray regularly.

Anyone who prays only when in need will always be in need so that he or she prays.

Anyone who prays for miracles will always be in pain, misery and suffering to warrant a miracle. This is why Jesus described those who are always seeking miracle as wicked and perverse generation.

Jesus taught that ‘you are the light of the world, a city that is set on an hill.’ Pray not to call God to do it for you; rather, pray to tweak up your light and call for greater brightness. God is not a messenger to go on errands or do assignments for you. Therefore, do not ask God to do for you what He has given you power to do. Pray, calling forth a greater demonstration of the love, beauty and intelligence of God that you are.

  1. I pay my bills promptly and with gratitude; and I pay for what I buy promptly in full and with gratitude

It is part of the prosperity consciousness to give out money when you are obliged to. Paying promptly carries the idea that I know my needs will be met when they need to be so you are not releasing money begrudgingly. As a corollary to this, do not bite more than you can chew. Do not for instance, install an air-conditioning unit in your house when you know your monthly budget cannot sustain it. Go for an electric fan instead.

I have, in my over 40 years of counseling, identified four types of marital relationships. They are:

The Master-Slave relationship: You do as I say without questioning.

The Teacher-Student Relationship: I Know it all and you must always learn from me and listen. You cannot teach me.

The Roller Coaster Relationship: Characterized by Mood Swings into pain or pleasure.

Friendship Relationship: Let’s share common ideas. Hear me and let me hear you. Let’s build consensus.


The Master-Slave Relationship

In this type of relationship, the master considers the slave as having been privileged to enter a relationship with him. The idea of superiority on the part of the master, usually the man, derives either from the payment of the bride price or merely from the idea that the spouse is fortunate among her peers, some of whom may remain unmarried, to be married to  him.

He is a king, ruler and lord and master whose whims and caprices must the respected and obeyed. When he treats you with scorn, shame and humiliation, you must accept them with grace. He does no wrong and should you observe an error on his part, you are responsible for its correction. He is free to punch you with his words and use you as his punching bag to boost his ego. If he is the sole provider of the domestic resources, then you must succumb to his every demand else there would be sanctions; you may be denied access to food, clothing and always be threatened with divorce, or separation. He goes in and out as he pleases but you have no such rights. You must meet his sexual demands whenever he requests for it. You are a workhorse.

The Teacher-Student Relationship

In this type of relationship, the teacher, who is usually the male, knows it all from archeology to zoology. Yours is to listen to him and learn and do what he says. If what he teaches is wrong, you must accept that you applied it wrong because he is always right. You will receive occasional verbal and physical abuses if you disobey or come out with a proposal or suggestion.

In both the Master-Student Relationship and the Teacher-Student Relationship, the Master-Teacher has succeeded in reducing what he has into a mere animal in the house. He or she is losing out big time from the contributions of his or her partner. You are losing on the wisdom that life may teach you of stimulate in you through your partner.

Your future is bleak. The music and food in your house is poisoned because you are living with a person who is vibrating with fear, hate and a certain candidate for depression. Should you suffer from any misfortune in the future, it will be real suffering for you because your partner has not known what love is to use for your care. He or she would give you the pain and bitterness you sowed in him or her. In the end you are the loser.


The Friendship Relationship

In this relationship, you do not need to understand one another because you realize that each of you is too complex to be understood. You accept whatever gift each of you brings to the table of the relationship and dialogue the best ways to make them usable to both of you. You are free to speak out your mind, without fear of being scolded. You are in the relationship to do what friendship is for: “To help one another become better.” The drive always is, “What may I do to make his or her life better?” You are initiate actions that would improve or provide fulfillment Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial quests of your partner.

The Roller Coaster Relationship

This type of relationship swings between the Master-Slave Relationship and the Teacher-Student Relationships on the one side and the Friendship Relationship on the other. Depending on which side you mostly live in, you may have some real love or alienation.


Money is divine and it is meant to be used to promote the good that you are. Have as much money as you desire for your noble goals. Money can provide a luxury for you: a house, a good car, a travel from your dream and vacation in some exotic villa in Thailand. Money is divine and it is meant to be us. This truth is challenging, yet, it must go down into your consciousness that “money is the only reason why you are here.” Do not dispute it.

Money is the symbol for the value of services rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. You are here, solely to give service and that means money and until you heal your relationship with money you will not attract it. You are here, solely to give service and that means to give money and to get more money?

This truth is challenging, yet, it must go down into your consciousness that “money is the only reason why you are here.” Do not dispute it. Money is the symbol for the value of services rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. You are here, solely to give service and that means money and until you heal your relationship with money you will not attract it. (You are here, solely to give service and that means to give money and to get more money?)

Everyone wants money and many who want it also, hate it at the same time. To hate or resent money to any degree is to hate or resent your own released energy and that is self-negation. When you grow with programming such as money is too much trouble, or it is only bad people who have money, or money is the root of all evil, you already have laws created in your subconscious mind to negate the attraction of money to you.

Everyone deserves to be rich wealthy and prosperous. Just as there is more than enough water, earth, air, and sunshine for everyone, there is enough of money and wealth for everyone. Money is the only reason why you are here and don’t fight this statement. You need to feel comfortable with this wisdom and until you do, having money will be a struggle. Money is the symbol for the value of service rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. Energy is spirit and cannot be seen but when it works it can be realized. The symbol for the energy released to benefit another is called Money.

To hate or resent the symbol for the energy you have released is to hate or resent yourself. Money makes it possible to quantify released service energy and it is also used to measure wealth. There are many negative information that you have fed into the subconscious mind that holds over 90% of your mental energy; the result is that it sabotages the little conscious moments of working for money. You can remove all the restrictive forces to your success and have the wealth you desire. You need to have lots of money because you have a divine mission of World Peace that requires huge resources. If about $5b a month is spent on war, why not have all the money you deserve to promote life?

In this site are the tools to heal these wrong programming so that you can attract the good you deserve and use it expand the good that you are.

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A soccer player needs to know where the goal post is and have a process to score. When you donate see the goal you cannot score; and when you see the goal but the process is wrong, you will not score as well.

Every achievement requires a goal and a process and for any of these or similar issues, there are spiritual tools revealed by Nature to give you fast and lasting mastery for inner joy.

In reality, we do not develop our spirituality, we awaken to it. Personal and spiritual development, therefore, provide the tools for the activation of your potentials. Again, when we talk about potentials, no one has potential; Nature is the mother and custodian of her own potentials, however, there are simple and specific tools that enables you to connect to the various fields of Nature\’s potentials. People, such as Isaac Newton, have had sudden insights that have led to great discoveries. Sudden insights imply that they did not have the potential but by some chance, they connected to it and it was a discovery. What if there are ways to connect directly and with certainty? And there is; and that is what our research and discoveries with Nature provides you through this website.

We know that everyone is different and needs vary. We have therefore provided an array of tools that you may work with. Read through their profiles and let your soul guide you.

Products: Spiritual Persona, Center of Love movie, Center of Love Book, Path of Pure Potential. Meditation in Paradise

A popular teaching states that when you go to Rome you do what Romans do. And now that you have arrived home here on earth you must study Natures simple principles to enable you stop the life of daily struggle and begin to live.

This book, The Way Forward, is my 22nd book and contains the 18 principles of Nature for an empowered living. This is the book that I have seen people buy up to 20 copies at a time and when I asked them why, they all say that this is the most powerful spiritual tool they have found and that they are buying them as gifts for friends; and soon you will also agree with them.

In everyone, there is what I call “you Core Philosophy” and if this philosophy is not in harmony with nature, your life is a struggle. The first three principles alone will be enough to bring your Core Philosophy in harmony with Nature, then you are on the road to a vibrant blissful life which produces the quality of your thoughts, feelings, actions and responses.

A brief on principles 1-3

Before you arrived here, Nature was here and, in fact, you are a product of Nature; there is no Nature and you; you are a part of Nature. You breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and the plants take in the carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for your survival. You see Nature’s synchronization right here.

Nature uses simple principles, repeated over time to create the complex universe and has experimented with itself for billions of years before you got here ad to live harmoniously in it, you must study her spiritual principles and live by them more about Strategies In On Line Betting alterations

Whenever I have given talks based on these principles, it has produced profound awakening. Principle 1 for example states that “life is about pain”.

The religious, non-religionists, metaphysicians and scientists are all working towards the escape from pain. Religion, in my observation, was invented to give you a god, somewhere beyond the skies to save you from the pains in Nature and science promised to give you all the needed tools for you to dominate Nature. The efforts of religions not based on Nature have produced more depressions and lunatics and the efforts of science have produced gargantuan amounts of pollution and its consequential diseases.

Naturally, when I present Nature’s philosophy that life is about pain they react objecting to it. But soon, they came to realize as I expatiate it that in truth “Life is about pain but pain is not about you”; pain is about the activation and revelation of your innate potentials. Every human being wants to have a sense of achievements and that means you signed up to come to Earth to have obstacles or pains to break through, surmount or transcend; and the pain you run away from, you run into because you are focusing on it.

It is strange that even through you do not want pain, you have and are creating a large vessels for the storage of pain so that you live in more struggle.

Principle two shatters the vessels of pain and principle three is the principle of freedom. The other principles give you firm foundations in life.

Another master piece for you is Possibility Living. In that book, I teach the language of the mind. Positive thinking rarely works. For example, you affirm “I am rich, I am rich” and while you do so, your logical mind brings you all the evidences of how you have less than a $100 in your bank account and your parents and grandparents were poor.

Using the discovered language of the mind brings the mind into agreement with you and you are able to use all the fears and negative suggestions of the mind as allies for your Spiritual, Physical and Financial breakthrough, also you will get  acls and bls certificaiton .

You cannot be or remain a slave to the mind and to attempt to conquer it is to conquer yourself and that is disaster, and you deserve better than that. The mind is your friend and partner and all you do is to learn its natural language and employ it for any goal you have in life.