I have, in my over 40 years of counseling, identified four types of marital relationships. They are:

The Master-Slave relationship: You do as I say without questioning.

The Teacher-Student Relationship: I Know it all and you must always learn from me and listen. You cannot teach me.

The Roller Coaster Relationship: Characterized by Mood Swings into pain or pleasure.

Friendship Relationship: Let’s share common ideas. Hear me and let me hear you. Let’s build consensus.


The Master-Slave Relationship

In this type of relationship, the master considers the slave as having been privileged to enter a relationship with him. The idea of superiority on the part of the master, usually the man, derives either from the payment of the bride price or merely from the idea that the spouse is fortunate among her peers, some of whom may remain unmarried, to be married to  him.

He is a king, ruler and lord and master whose whims and caprices must the respected and obeyed. When he treats you with scorn, shame and humiliation, you must accept them with grace. He does no wrong and should you observe an error on his part, you are responsible for its correction. He is free to punch you with his words and use you as his punching bag to boost his ego. If he is the sole provider of the domestic resources, then you must succumb to his every demand else there would be sanctions; you may be denied access to food, clothing and always be threatened with divorce, or separation. He goes in and out as he pleases but you have no such rights. You must meet his sexual demands whenever he requests for it. You are a workhorse.

The Teacher-Student Relationship

In this type of relationship, the teacher, who is usually the male, knows it all from archeology to zoology. Yours is to listen to him and learn and do what he says. If what he teaches is wrong, you must accept that you applied it wrong because he is always right. You will receive occasional verbal and physical abuses if you disobey or come out with a proposal or suggestion.

In both the Master-Student Relationship and the Teacher-Student Relationship, the Master-Teacher has succeeded in reducing what he has into a mere animal in the house. He or she is losing out big time from the contributions of his or her partner. You are losing on the wisdom that life may teach you of stimulate in you through your partner.

Your future is bleak. The music and food in your house is poisoned because you are living with a person who is vibrating with fear, hate and a certain candidate for depression. Should you suffer from any misfortune in the future, it will be real suffering for you because your partner has not known what love is to use for your care. He or she would give you the pain and bitterness you sowed in him or her. In the end you are the loser.


The Friendship Relationship

In this relationship, you do not need to understand one another because you realize that each of you is too complex to be understood. You accept whatever gift each of you brings to the table of the relationship and dialogue the best ways to make them usable to both of you. You are free to speak out your mind, without fear of being scolded. You are in the relationship to do what friendship is for: “To help one another become better.” The drive always is, “What may I do to make his or her life better?” You are initiate actions that would improve or provide fulfillment Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial quests of your partner.

The Roller Coaster Relationship

This type of relationship swings between the Master-Slave Relationship and the Teacher-Student Relationships on the one side and the Friendship Relationship on the other. Depending on which side you mostly live in, you may have some real love or alienation.


Money is divine and it is meant to be used to promote the good that you are. Have as much money as you desire for your noble goals. Money can provide a luxury for you: a house, a good car, a travel from your dream and vacation in some exotic villa in Thailand. Money is divine and it is meant to be us. This truth is challenging, yet, it must go down into your consciousness that “money is the only reason why you are here.” Do not dispute it.

Money is the symbol for the value of services rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. You are here, solely to give service and that means money and until you heal your relationship with money you will not attract it. You are here, solely to give service and that means to give money and to get more money?

This truth is challenging, yet, it must go down into your consciousness that “money is the only reason why you are here.” Do not dispute it. Money is the symbol for the value of services rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. You are here, solely to give service and that means money and until you heal your relationship with money you will not attract it. (You are here, solely to give service and that means to give money and to get more money?)

Everyone wants money and many who want it also, hate it at the same time. To hate or resent money to any degree is to hate or resent your own released energy and that is self-negation. When you grow with programming such as money is too much trouble, or it is only bad people who have money, or money is the root of all evil, you already have laws created in your subconscious mind to negate the attraction of money to you.

Everyone deserves to be rich wealthy and prosperous. Just as there is more than enough water, earth, air, and sunshine for everyone, there is enough of money and wealth for everyone. Money is the only reason why you are here and don’t fight this statement. You need to feel comfortable with this wisdom and until you do, having money will be a struggle. Money is the symbol for the value of service rendered and Service is the release of your energy to benefit another. Energy is spirit and cannot be seen but when it works it can be realized. The symbol for the energy released to benefit another is called Money.

To hate or resent the symbol for the energy you have released is to hate or resent yourself. Money makes it possible to quantify released service energy and it is also used to measure wealth. There are many negative information that you have fed into the subconscious mind that holds over 90% of your mental energy; the result is that it sabotages the little conscious moments of working for money. You can remove all the restrictive forces to your success and have the wealth you desire. You need to have lots of money because you have a divine mission of World Peace that requires huge resources. If about $5b a month is spent on war, why not have all the money you deserve to promote life?

In this site are the tools to heal these wrong programming so that you can attract the good you deserve and use it expand the good that you are.

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A soccer player needs to know where the goal post is and have a process to score. When you donate see the goal you cannot score; and when you see the goal but the process is wrong, you will not score as well.

Every achievement requires a goal and a process and for any of these or similar issues, there are spiritual tools revealed by Nature to give you fast and lasting mastery for inner joy.

In reality, we do not develop our spirituality, we awaken to it. Personal and spiritual development, therefore, provide the tools for the activation of your potentials. Again, when we talk about potentials, no one has potential; Nature is the mother and custodian of her own potentials, however, there are simple and specific tools that enables you to connect to the various fields of Nature\’s potentials. People, such as Isaac Newton, have had sudden insights that have led to great discoveries. Sudden insights imply that they did not have the potential but by some chance, they connected to it and it was a discovery. What if there are ways to connect directly and with certainty? And there is; and that is what our research and discoveries with Nature provides you through this website.

We know that everyone is different and needs vary. We have therefore provided an array of tools that you may work with. Read through their profiles and let your soul guide you.

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A popular teaching states that when you go to Rome you do what Romans do. And now that you have arrived home here on earth you must study Natures simple principles to enable you stop the life of daily struggle and begin to live.

This book, The Way Forward, is my 22nd book and contains the 18 principles of Nature for an empowered living. This is the book that I have seen people buy up to 20 copies at a time and when I asked them why, they all say that this is the most powerful spiritual tool they have found and that they are buying them as gifts for friends; and soon you will also agree with them.

In everyone, there is what I call “you Core Philosophy” and if this philosophy is not in harmony with nature, your life is a struggle. The first three principles alone will be enough to bring your Core Philosophy in harmony with Nature, then you are on the road to a vibrant blissful life which produces the quality of your thoughts, feelings, actions and responses.

A brief on principles 1-3

Before you arrived here, Nature was here and, in fact, you are a product of Nature; there is no Nature and you; you are a part of Nature. You breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and the plants take in the carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for your survival. You see Nature’s synchronization right here.

Nature uses simple principles, repeated over time to create the complex universe and has experimented with itself for billions of years before you got here ad to live harmoniously in it, you must study her spiritual principles and live by them more about Strategies In On Line Betting alterations

Whenever I have given talks based on these principles, it has produced profound awakening. Principle 1 for example states that “life is about pain”.

The religious, non-religionists, metaphysicians and scientists are all working towards the escape from pain. Religion, in my observation, was invented to give you a god, somewhere beyond the skies to save you from the pains in Nature and science promised to give you all the needed tools for you to dominate Nature. The efforts of religions not based on Nature have produced more depressions and lunatics and the efforts of science have produced gargantuan amounts of pollution and its consequential diseases.

Naturally, when I present Nature’s philosophy that life is about pain they react objecting to it. But soon, they came to realize as I expatiate it that in truth “Life is about pain but pain is not about you”; pain is about the activation and revelation of your innate potentials. Every human being wants to have a sense of achievements and that means you signed up to come to Earth to have obstacles or pains to break through, surmount or transcend; and the pain you run away from, you run into because you are focusing on it.

It is strange that even through you do not want pain, you have and are creating a large vessels for the storage of pain so that you live in more struggle.

Principle two shatters the vessels of pain and principle three is the principle of freedom. The other principles give you firm foundations in life.

Another master piece for you is Possibility Living. In that book, I teach the language of the mind. Positive thinking rarely works. For example, you affirm “I am rich, I am rich” and while you do so, your logical mind brings you all the evidences of how you have less than a $100 in your bank account and your parents and grandparents were poor.

Using the discovered language of the mind brings the mind into agreement with you and you are able to use all the fears and negative suggestions of the mind as allies for your Spiritual, Physical and Financial breakthrough, also you will get  acls and bls certificaiton .

You cannot be or remain a slave to the mind and to attempt to conquer it is to conquer yourself and that is disaster, and you deserve better than that. The mind is your friend and partner and all you do is to learn its natural language and employ it for any goal you have in life.

From birth till you die, you are bound to relate and to love and possibly to marry yet there is no formal or informal education in these essential areas of our lives. What you want most, beyond your career and the luxuries of structures, is to be able to relate with yourself, attract meaningful friends and enjoy relationships.

We pay for financial advice and when it comes to love, relationship and marriage we expect them to work automatically.When it comes to love, the majority has little or no knowledge about what it is. This is the way many people practice love: You were born to love only once; you live your life looking for this one person and when you find him or her, every one you have loved before is a mistake and you cannot love anyone again. You have to feel guilt and shame when you think of past lovers or feel love for someone else. This practice is not in harmony with Nature.

When I have done lectures on love, I ask, “has anyone been in a relationship and while in it you felt love for somebody else?” 99% raise their hands in yes. To feel guilt and shame for loving is to commit adultery. Adultery is not just going outside your marriage, it is what you do that adulterates, dilutes and contaminates the love you feel. So in essence, the relationship you had after the first one was just adultery because you carry all the pains and the misery of the past into the next one.

The love you feel is divine and it has nothing to do with relationships. The love you feel was not brought to you by the person you love; it is you who feel the love and not the other person. The other person was used by Nature to open that fountain of love that was already residing in you and you are just grateful to this person for the activation of the love you feel. Many marriages are like broken pots that been mended because you the person going into the relationship are already scattered by past relationships.

We are spiritual being so no relationship is over until you know how to have a successful closure.

Many people do not attract suitors and those who do keep attracting the same kind of wrong suitors and that is because they are married in their psyche to all the past suitors. To attract the right suitors or business partners you need to free your psyche from all past relational injuries and win the wisdom in the supposed pains. I provide the knowledge system for this successful closure for you to be free to attract the right suitor or enjoy your current marriage in a program known as Sacred Divorce.

Sacred Divorce is a program for winning life’s wisdom, knowledge and experience in all relationships you have ever had so that you are equipped with richer inner knowledge and abilities to create, recreate and enjoy the current one or attract one if you do not have.

Courses: Sacred Divorce; Marriage, The full gospel of Love is covered in the education movie called Center of Love.

Relationships requires that you have the needed Time, Energy, Space and Circumstance to participate in the other person’s Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial life. To know a person is to know who they are in their Gender, Persona and Senses.

Self Knowledge is covered in the first three lessons of Essential Life Education and You can study them here.Without this knowledge, every relationship is a recipe for disaster. Discover the needed knowledge here.

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Meditation in Paradise is a unique audio reprograming tool that releases you from
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Statistics has it that most diseases are stress related and with this program you
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Besides it is the tool to lift you to your spirituality, anchor you in yourself, gift
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The program is so gentle to your soul; I created this in the year 2000 and recorded
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Your Spiritual life deals with your relationship with the Intelligent Power that rules
manages, directs and controls the entire universe and you want to have a spiritual
balance with it. The second which is the Social deals with your relationship with
people, environment, friends, family, spouses and relationships. The psychological
deals with your thought and feeling; you want to have a clear mind and enjoy
your wonderful feelings, the Physical deals with your relationship with your health
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In this five minute program, you will receive a portion of the Spiritual program
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Everything you want in life is to fulfill and satisfy a desire; you want a nice car,
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when you are able to choose your feelings at will then you are the riches person
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repeated action produce your behavior, sustain behavior becomes your attitude,
maintaining attitude becomes your nature and your nature produce your destiny.

By changing your thought and creating new ones you are able to influence your
destiny but this is not very easy to do, you need the right tools that take you deep
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Etherean Mission was formed around me in 1975. People who were consulting me for Healing and clinic services received periodic spiritual messages from our monthly convocations. Those who believed in it decided to stay and it became a church.

My message was and has been different from the traditional Christian teaching of hell-fire-and brimstone. I have a simple message:

1. God is absolute love and the devil does not exist.
2. Our culture is as divine as other cultures in the world.

These teachings met with and still meet with strong opposition and persecution, especially, from adherents of the Christian, Charismatic and Pentecostal faiths. The persecutions were reinforced by the regular visits of evangelists from the West, who with the dollar power, hold large crusades to bind the devil. Their message of devil, hell-fire-and brimstone inspires fear and I know that a people filled with fear cannot make any meaningful progress in their lives. Their teachings also propagates the idea that everything African is wrong; our culture, names, skin color are all wrong. A people who do not believe in themselves are doomed.

I stood alone as the strongest voice against the above teachings. I perceived the persecutions as coming from ignorance telling me the degree of its malady so that I may prescribe the appropriate medicine.

To cause a change, I decided to put my Ministry on a year long prayer so that we will have connection with Ministries of my type of thinking and philosophy to come into partnership with us. My thinking was that, if Ghanaians will hear the message from others who teach what I teach, they will believe as they believe the other Western ministers.  In 1986 I created a prayer decree that stated thus:

We command the appearance of a Ministry with our thinking and philosophy to come and look for us, so that we form partnership for planetary liberation. A ministry shall be formed in the West with our thinking and philosophy and shall come and look for us, and we form partnerships through them with others for planetary liberation.

After a year of prayer, praying it every Sunday and Wednesday in church, we declared it done.

In early 1996, revelations from my Mystical team indicated a possible answer to a prayed request from the universe. In June-July that year, news got to us that a group of missionaries from the West wanted to visit Ghana and would want to visit a Science of Mind-like church. The local tour company told them that there was no such tradition in the country. A month prior, a member of my church has been employed in that company. Overhearing the discussions from his boss, he suggested that they come Etherean Mission since we do a Spiritual Mind Science called Soul Processing.


Agape Arrives Home at Etherean Mission 

Divine reprieve! Unbeknown to us, our last guide was a member of the Etherean Mission. Having listened and participated in the conversations of our travel, he would interject, that, you will love our last destination because it is so akin to what you are talking about.”

Arriving at our destination, immediately upon stepping into the sanctuary of the Mission, I knew I was at home. There sat Brother Tetteh and his spiritual practitioners in their regal white robes. Beautiful enough, but it was their inner glow that outshone anything visible to the human eyes. Brother Tetteh rose up, swept me over with his penetrating glance and asked, “Are you the one?” I was overtaken by his majestic stature and humbled by his conspicuous joy in looking at me. “I am the one.” I found myself answering with calm  actionac assurance. In that instant an eternal bond of spiritual friendship was cemented in eternity.

There is no time or distance between souls. As night turn into day, that which is our own surely comes to us from across the world! May our story provide you with the factual evidence of this spiritual principle.
As we re-enter the present measurement of time, 2002, Brother Tetteh and I have traveled back and forth to each other’s spiritual centers countless times. Each time we consistently find that we are greeting souls with whom we have walked the path to liberation for many, many lifetimes in varied dimensions of existence, those who are here to participate in the upliftment of the planet to bring heaven on earth.


The Story According to Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

A mystical truth powerfully activates the communion of consciousness I share with my spiritual brother, Ishmael Tetteh: there is no time or distance between souls. Our meeting was predestined since the beginning of time, an obvious conclusion in the tradition of shamanic wisdom by indigenous peoples.

It all began in Accra, Ghana in 1996. For the sake of sharing our journey with you, our valued readers permit me to share with you Brother Tetteh’s clairvoyant vision. In 1986 he and a band of spiritual practitioners made an arduous trek to the equator. Once there, he cast upon the ethers a prayer that “a group be formed in America and make a pilgrimage to Africa to support the truth teachings of the ages.” A bold demand in a country that has been so deeply influenced by missionaries lacking the inner vision to comprehend the existence of the esoteric, sacred teachings of the shamans and mystics of Africa. And what are those teachings? That the Godhead lives inside each one of us, that we and all creation are made in Its image and therefore never have to turn to anything external to our own inward self-realization of this truth.

Is it not synchronistic that precisely in the very year, 1986, I founded Agape International Spiritual Centre  a spiritual community based on the eternal verities of the one God that lives in and as each one of us throughout all creation? Brother Tetteh stood firmly on the unshakable rock of his faith that day in 1986, because it took until 1996 for me and Agape’s pilgrims to arrive at the cradle of spirituality, my beloved Africa, to participate in the fulfilment of Brother Tetteh’s inward knowing. How often in the solitude of his soul had he cried out to the All Knowing One, “when will he come?”

Even as we were in flight, I was unselfconsciously telling my travelling companions, “Something is going to happen when we’re in Africa.” It was in itself a simplistic statement, but for me it was permeated with an exhilaration I knew was not part of our planned itinerary! The first leg of our journey was beautiful, but it had not yet yielded the significance of my claim. Another intriguing feature was my continuous inward repetition of “Accra, Ghana.”

Unfortunately, we lost this Eden, a potential model for world peace to ‘civilization’. In colonial times, a school going child was placed in the boarding or missionary house, far removed from the community and trained. When the child returned, he was a new cultural being.

Role of Churches

In many communities today, the Churches have taken over the role of the family. For example, many people outdoor and name their children in the church; festivals are considered evil and funeral services are run by the church. The role of Elders as arbitrators is lost to church priests. Family and cultural beliefs or values are regarded as evil. The old, who were formerly revered and whose wisdom was sought after are now in many cases regarded as witches and wizards. Our elders die without imparting to us their invaluable wisdom and knowledge of herbs etc. owing to our disinterest and scorn. The general thrust of contemporary religious persuasion in Africa is that we need to be saved from the evil of our culture. As a result, people reject family meetings and festivals like Homowo, Odwira, Hogbetsotso that unite the family. In some homes children have lost respect for their parents because they are not ‘Christians.’

Our ancestors used taboos to keep the community together. So strong was the adherence to these in-built control systems that if you were to drop your money you would return to the place you dropped it and find it. Modern religions have destroyed these systems and not replaced them with any other that would restore or maintain their ethical values.

Economic hardships have put stress on many. Many have to abandon their children in their own homes in pursuit of dear daily bread. Those who ‘have’ are still gripped in the glamour trap and as such continue to look for money. Stress causes parents to fight using insults and abusive language on each other resulting in loss of respect and broken homes.

Another major destroyer of our community is the use of vulgar language on the air waves. The music or movie sells if it is overtly or covertly about sex. The internet is plagued with pornography. If this is civilization, then we need to rethink.

Together with all members of the family, identify what the family must be known for. Have periodic meetings and let everyone show how/what he/she is doing to fulfill the family vision

Fortunately, we have not lost all the gems our forefathers upheld for family unity and world peace. We can Identify and uphold cultural values that unite families. We must encourage family reunions and visit to family home towns. Parents should inculcate family values in their wards.

There is the need for cultural education (of Ghana) as part of our educational system and the encouragement of people to participate in cultural festivals and family functions.

I sincerely suggest the establishment of a National Culture Day. We have many Christian and Islamic holidays. To deny the Ghanaian the same is an insult to our dignity as a people.

The way to consolidate the family is for every family to have a Family Character. The creation of Family Character must be taught in schools at all levels. Teaching our youth how to raise an Ideal Family is a most urgent need. The family outlives our professions. We teach people great careers but there is no systematic teaching on marriage or raising a family. Everyone is expected to know automatically; it does not work that way. Marriage and family creation work when we work at it.

From Family Character, we may grow into the development of State Character. Who is a Ghanaian, for example, must not speak of political rights only. It must address characteristics that constitute the nature of a Ghanaian.

Churches should teach their members to focus on good and not evil because what you focus on is what manifests for you. Branding of elders as witches and wizards for any reason is unethical, and is against the very precepts of Christianity or Islam which we profess.

Technological civilization is a major cause for split in families. Technology is not evil in itself; it is the use we put it to. We can use technologies like the internet for creating and reuniting families and  peachy cleaning austin tx . We can for example create family websites and Internet User Forums. An adage in Ga states that ‘families are not gotten but created.’ This implies that we can integrate others into our biological families.

Our musicians must create music that educates and also honours genuine achievements.

We all know what is right, but if we do not focus on what is right, then what is wrong will take over. We can recreate the family based on the principles of the pristine African Family values and this will guarantee the peace we crave for.