A $ for Peace

How is World Peace possible?

Essential Life Education(ELED) provides Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship. You will agree that all of life depends on this and what constitutes the Self and the dynamics of Relationships is ignored. It is rather strange that civilization evolves, leaving behind what it needs for inner peace and happiness of its people.

You can make a gargantuan difference in life by committing to a recurrent donation of just one dollar or more a month to enable us promote our Advocacy and Education programs. We have programs for Marriage, Parents, Teachers, Youth, Children, Businessmen and women; Family and Community Building, and for the Sustenance of the Environment.

We also want to develop the state of the art website where everyone can go and participate in courses that will bring them to their personal inner peace for the eventual realization of world peace.

Your minimum donations of $1 a month will make huge difference and you can be part of it here.

We need to take this knowledge system to every doorstep in the world through TV, Radio, Internet and the Print Media; and this requires your financial and moral support.

You want to be a great force of Good and this is an opportunity for you to change the very course of civilization, in your lifetime, from self-destruction to self-realized beings that promote peace.

You owe it to yourself, to this generation and the future generations a legacy of peace. Make a difference.

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School Project

The school will embody the entire curriculum of the Growing the Empowered Child Program with age specific modules addressing the amazing journey from the tiny child to the young adult.

The Etherean Mission, in Ghana, has acquired the land for the construction of a model school for the Growing the Empowered Child Program. The program is estimated to cost $2,000,000

The school will use our Growing the Empowered Child (GEC) processes and games to empower children. An empowered child is the one who is happy, confident, creative, responsible and with a drive for excellence. Through our GEC programs, we have the tools to make that happen and building our own schools is the logical way forward.

Institutes for Essential Life Education: Essential Life Education (ELED) is the provision of the Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship and it is the foundation of Human-Centered Civilization as opposed to the current Structure-based Civilization, which is bound to collapse on itself. Our goal is to have Foundations to sponsor institutes to promote this knowledge system to schools and to offer adult education on our radio and TV media.

Raising empowered children for the future is what we are about.

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Hospital Complex

The Etherean Mission Hospital is a holistic hospital to enhance the quality of health and well being. It combines traditional, spiritual and Mind Science technology for the total well being of mankind.

When completed this hospital will be a three-story facility. Each floor approximately 20,000 square feet. The hospital will provide In and Out patient care. A modern laboratory for diagnosis and research. A naturopath department that will employ the use of herbs, sound therapy, Solar-therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and other healing methods in the treatment of disease.

Although the hospital facility is only 2/3 completed the Etherean Mission has been running a Holistic Healing Clinic since 1973.

Our success story with the use of Herbs, Meditation, Mantramic Sound, Solar-therapy, Hydrotherapy, Prayer and Positive Imaging techniques motivated the membership in 1989 to vote for the construction of a Hospital Complex for total well being.

The estimated cost for the physical structure of the hospital project is $3,750,000. To date we have spent $950,000 to bring it to the present stage. The interior of the hospital is estimated to cost $2,800,000 for equipment and furnishings

The ground floor will house the Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and among others, will be employing the use of herbs, hydrotherapy, massages, yoga, walk therapy and chiropractic therapies.

The middle floor houses Traditional medicine and intends to employ the services of a Physician Specialist and a Gynecologist and nurses to man it’s a 45 bed in-patient ward. It also has facilities for surgery.

The top floor is the spiritual hospital that will offer 24-hour unbroken prayer and will use our numerous spiritual mind sciences to promote health.

Our focus is on adding life to your years and years to your life.

Introducing Life Style Medicine for the future.

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