What is Cosmic Emergence?

Man did not come to this world, we emerged from it and are of the same substance as the universe. Awaken to this Law of Nature and experience your greatness; not in a theoretical sense but in the essence of your being. Knowing that you emerged from a great and magnificent universe aids you in embracing your magnificence. Since we emerged from a potent universe of immeasurable love, intelligence and creativity, you surely must have all these attributes in you.  This knowledge alone is capable of helping you dissolve negative and wrong notions of yourself and embrace your worth.

Introduction to the Cosmic Emergence Program

This program brings you to conscious awareness of your magnitude: You being The Emergent product of an ageless cosmic power. Just like a child contains the attributes, genetics of their parents. You are loaded and encoded with the abilities of the universe. The Cosmic Emergence course guides you to this awareness, which unlocks and activates your innate capacities, has you step into your power and know your greatness.

Once you know who and what you are, you see the pettiness of daily life events and no longer allow yourself to be offended nor deflated by them. Instead you walk boldly, are forgiving, and move with love and affection for all of life.  You become free to express a greater and more progressive you. This is the essence of this program – to awaken you to your cosmic magnificence, to outgrow the pettiness of the world around you and be centered in fulfilling happiness.

Program Objectives:

  1. Reveal to you from what you have emerged- a magnificent universe- and you are encoded with its power, attributes and abilities. This is who and what you are.
  2. End self- defeating and deflating mindsets. Realize your significance as capable of making great and beneficial contributions to life.
  3. Show you the way to return to your center and to always find your balance no matter what life brings.
  4. Guide you to embrace your cosmic greatness and live from it.
  5. Uncover Laws of Nature and teach you how to observe them for yourself and apply them to your life.

 Program Benefits include:

  1. Healing low self-esteem and knowing you power and greatness
  2. Inner fulfillment & Happpiness
  3. Cultivating soul riches – activating your innate potentials
  4. Living purposefully and meaningfully
  5. Aligning to the support of life and be a benefit to the planet
  6. Harnessing and using the operating Laws of Life/Nature, for a joyous, well-lived life

Cosmic Emergence teaches you to see within Nature evidences of Spirit which are the proofs of who and what you are.  The program guides you to live these Laws of Nature through declarative  living. When you embody declared truths of Nature, your congruence with Life begins to grow. Living in Harmony with life provides healing to all the shades of negative self-worth and fears, while stimulating all your potentialities. Cosmic Emergence connects you to the ever-present magic, mystery and wholeness that is you.

Cosmic Emergence is based on timeless, African, indigenous wisdom. African spirituality and religious traditions have never required a bible because Nature is the living Bible.  Nature reflects the mind of God; and when you, in turn, reflect on Nature you will capture the mind of God.  African Practices and Traditions show that whatever you must learn, do or be, there is some analogous evidence in Nature planted as a guide. The stars reveal the secrets of life; the forest is the library; the high mountains, the low plains and the valleys in between carry the history of existence; and the animals – the ant, the spider, the elephant and the lion – all tell the story of life. Our African ancestors spent lots of time observing and listening to Nature and captured much wisdom which they crafted into folktales, proverbs, parables and other forms of traditional oral and written tools for generations.  They also created verbal and material charms that carry influential powers by studying nature. You have the capacity to do the same. Let Cosmic Emergence unleash the power and potential within.

Course Format

The program is in 7 online modules.
Each Module provides a video course, reading material, as well as, a short, simple, multiple choice quiz at the end Practices to deepen your understanding.

As you pass one module, you will be granted access to the next module.

The 7 Modules:

Lesson 1:  Embrace Your Greatness

Lesson 2: The Core Truths of Nature

Lesson 3: Affirmations and Declarations

Lesson 4: The Emergent Entity

Lesson 5: The Quest for Fulfilling Happiness

Lesson 6: The Pain and the Medicine

Lesson 7: Recalibrate and Recycle

Most modules offer practices and exercises so the teachings can be embodied and activated.  Doing the practices is essential to your Cosmic Emergence. Otherwise it’s just intellectual knowledge. The application of the teachings- the practices- will transform your life. In this program, you will be given the tools to heal your past, embrace the present and be an answer to the future.