What is a Cosmic Emergence Facilitator?

This training program is designed to train Cosmic Emergence Facilitators who lead others to their own inner awakening to live purposeful, fulfilled and joyous lives.

The programs supports students to assimilate the knowledge and effectively impart it to others. This program is not about you acquiring theoretical and mental knowledge. It is focused on practical application. Cosmic Emergence must first express as your personal awakening and as your ability to handle the forces of life. By gaining clear awareness of your cosmic emergence, your ability to lead others to their cosmic emergence becomes effortless and natural.   

Introduction to the Cosmic Emergence Facilitator Program?

Cosmic Emergence facilitators have successfully completed the Cosmic Emergence Course. This program  guides you to put into practice the tools and processes in the Cosmic Emergence Course. This course will take the Cosmic Emergence Course into practical application.  Through this course you will embody Cosmic Emergence/Laws of Nature Principles and show you how to teach the material and use it when working with others.

You will receive teaching tips and tools and support in creating your own Cosmic Emergence Course as well as how to use Cosmic Emergence in counseling or coaching clients. All works will be submitted and reviewed by African Mystics and you will received feedback and support in making adjustments when necessary.

You will learn to make a presentation that  is directed towards the establishment of Truth Principles, love (for self and others) and ability in the five regions of life SSPPF – Social, Spiritual, Physical, Psychological and Financial.

The Course will support you in the Importance of:

  • Truth, Love & Ability
  • Community Building
  • Strengthening Abilities (you and those whom you guide)
  • The Triangle of Power
  • Being and embodiment of the teaching
  • Anchorage – Delivering the message with conviction

As a Facilitator, you want to make Truth-seekers out of Participants. What are we calling Truth? Many people live at the level of the personal beliefs as their truth. Living at the level of beliefs causes pain, conflict and confusion. Truth, real truth, often referred to as Absolute Truth is irrespective of Time, Space, Energy and Circumstance. Meaning it’s always True no matter the time, situation, person, location, etc. You will not be able to find a point in time or a situation in which it is not true. Truth Principles found in the Laws of Nature are eternal. They show us our True Nature and align us with our Purpose, Power and Greatness. When we live meaningfully we proper and are at Peace.