Introduction: At the Mercy of Your Senses?

She is a ruler who rules herself and not a nation; she rules herself who rules her senses.

You believe you are in control of your senses, don’t you? You decide what movies to watch, what music to listen to, which perfume to wear, what food to eat, what clothes to wear and who to hug? But truly, do you decide what to see, what to hear, what to smell, what to taste, what to touch, and what touches you?

Consider this: You are parched after a long walk in the sun. So, you enter a corner shop to get a bottle of water. Right after paying for the water at the counter, the sight of an exciting looking display of a new chocolate brand catches your eye. You check the price, dip your hand into your pocket and you buy the chocolate. What influenced your decision to pick a box of chocolate when the only thing you had wanted at the time was a bottle of water?

Consider another scenario: You arrive home worn and tired after a hard day’s work. Even before you enter the house, you are hearing the sound of moaning coming from the bedroom area. You pause for a minute to listen carefully. Your heart begins to beat and you are hoping what you are thinking isn’t true. You enter without knocking and right before you is your spouse half-naked. You suspect your partner surely must have been with someone. You quickly enter the bedroom and begin to look around the apartment. There is no one but your partner alone. Later you realize the noise you heard earlier was coming from the TV. You hide your embarrassment. What triggered your thought of your spouse being with someone? What suggested to you the possibility of what your partner was engaged in?

Suppose you had seen your partner naked in bed with somebody else. What would you have thought and felt; and what would you have done? Again, what is influencing your thoughts, feeling and action in this case? Now, pause and reflect on this: what if your partner had been cheating on you for ages yet your relationship was good until what you heard and saw?


Looking at the scenarios above, and others that may come to mind, it is not far-fetched to say that we spend most of our days under the influence of our senses, the effect of which may be good or bad. Well aware of this subtle influence, the advertising industry makes billions of dollars from influencing our perception of different products. Dominantly, the sense of sight and hearing are bombarded by adverts every minute; the food industry plays on our senses of taste and smell; and the clothing industry turns on our sense of touch. Not surprising we have a society preoccupied with a craving for consumer goods that satisfy what our senses want, which may not necessarily be what we want. This has created a consumerist society with its attendant challenges of a debt culture arising from overspending and the accompanying (physical, emotional, mental) health and wellbeing issues.

Our senses of Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch are the gateways through which we give and receive communications from the world around us. We operate through them to experience our world. Like double-edged swords, a clear understanding of the way they work can benefit you tremendously, while a failure to grasp the influence the senses have on you could be detrimental.

This course is to introduce you to how the senses work to influence your life in ways that you do not easily perceive. The material will assist you to:

  • Understand influence of your senses on your decisions and choices
  • Appreciate how the senses are capable of deceiving you
  • Identify your dominant sense and its preferences.
  • Understand the Senses as the source of immorality
  • Discover your gateways for communications.
  • Discover your learning style.

When you complete this course and run the various exercises, you open yourself to mastery over your life. You become aware of how the senses influence and affect you; and you quickly realize when your senses are leading you towards unhealthy decisions and choices.

All relationships are based on communication, which is dependent on the Senses. We all have dominant, harmonizing and minor senses and your communication preferences depend on which of the senses are dominant, harmonizing or minor. Thus, you buy an excellent car for your wife and when in two months she requests to know if you love her, you would consider her ungrateful and never satisfied. If she were a hearing person, she would, as well, want to hear you say, “I love you.”   With this program, your sense awareness grows and you will not easily get blindsided by them. Where your weaknesses derive from how you interact through the senses, you will be able to know this and work to uproot them.

You will also able to interact from a place of inner strength knowing how the senses lead people in their decisions and choice. This puts you in a position of being able to overlook or forgive people of certain faults and shortcomings; and also help them to overcome negative sense influences. You may be able to counsel people whose problems originate from their senses as for instance, a couple whose marital conflict issues from not understanding how each other’s senses operate.


Once you appreciate how the senses operate, you will begin to follow your inner sense of awareness which is variously identified as sixth sense or intuition.




Reflect on ways that your senses have led you to your choices and decisions. When have the senses been a problem for you? When have the senses been of benefit to you? You may discuss same with your family and friends and share their feedback with us.

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Introduction: The Authentic Self

Would you consider yourself as living an authentic life? How would you know if you did? If you are seeking authenticity and have been clueless about what to do, then this is the course for you. This course will help you discover your authentic self in a way that is intuitive, consistent and verifiable. It will bring you to an awareness of your inner gifts and start you on your journey to inner peace, where you identify and freely express your inner potentials. The knowledge of who and what you are as designed in this course would enable you to live your authentic life. You would live from the place of your inner self-validation and act with confidence.

For a majority of people, the external world has grabbed their attention so much that they forget completely about an inner life. The daily grind and hustle for material acquisition easily makes people’s life’s one-sided and leave their inner world empty or at least, dormant. People live under the perception of what they think society wants them to be rather than who they are. Some are able to gain much material wealth and meet societal expectations only to realize their inner poverty. In an effort to mask the feeling of emptiness many resort to addictions ranging from drugs and alcohol, through sex, partying and sports to shopping. Obsessions and mania for things are the result of a disconnect with the inner self.  Many miss out on life while they are alive because of the emptiness they feel within themselves. They may have lots of material possessions but suffer from depression and other psychological states all the way down to being suicidal. A life of material substance can never replace the inner wealth we are supposed to create for ourselves.

To be able to live authentic, fulfilling and progressive lives, a balance is needed between our outer and inner lives. The inner world is the world of thoughts and feelings. Even here, some live on borrowed thoughts and ideas. Their feelings of love or anger, for instance, are only in response to same feelings from other people. They have not developed their strong authentic selves and they need external validation to feel important.  In admiring other people’s gifts, many people negate their own gifts or potentials and attempt to imitate the perceived gifts of other people. By so doing, they also attract experiences that are inconsistent with their nature; and can therefore, not work for their ultimate good. The sense of negative self-worth, the states “I am not good enough” and “I need to be like another person to be accepted” produce many physical and psychological diseases that disconnects you from the goodness of life. The influence of the external on many cannot be overemphasized.

Authenticity is lost when the external becomes more important than the internal. Even when it is about thoughts and feelings and not merely the material, these have their causes in borrowed or imitated external elements. It is however worth noting that even with our external or material possessions, we seek to achieve internal satisfaction. You have a lot of properties or wealth only so you feel good (inside you) about them. On the other hand, you may be able to have good feelings within without external possessions while external possessions alone do not guarantee good feelings. You may see a child from a well-to-do home where he has access to several toys and gadgets, wanting to play with children from poorer neighborhoods because of the joy they feel from them. Good feelings only come from within. You want to marry that beautiful or handsome spouse to feel good inside; you want to go on that trip or holiday to feel good inside.

What are the good things within that give you good feelings? This is what Spiritual Persona answers. With your awakening to your Spiritual Persona, you would not be negating yourself in preference of other people’s gifts. This would make you attract, not just what you desire but more importantly, what works for your highest good.  The Spiritual Persona course helps you to uncover your authentic self, which is your true identity that operates from within.


Your Spiritual Persona refers to the spiritual or inner nonphysical person that you are.  It is composed of spiritual qualities or the good things within that motivates you to do and act in a certain noble way that we may, for instance, that enables you to be referred to as compassionate, clever, courageous, and generous and the like. When you say “I am a kind person,” or that someone is a caring person, you are speaking of one of the spiritual qualities you or the other person possesses. We refer to those things as spiritual because they are intangible attributes that cannot be observed by the senses but whose existence can be confirmed through experience. You are made up of several spiritual qualities or attributes.


Your persona attributes are the building blocks of your character that influence your major life choices; but when they are not accurately identified you might make life decisions that stem from a false image of yourself. Without these qualities or values, life becomes empty. We can therefore say they constitute your essence without which you cannot even experience any meaningful physical life. The study of Spiritual Persona is the path to discovery of your innate nature, enabling you to know how you operate.


To live and not know who and what you are is a tragedy and to not know your purpose is a disaster. If you do not know who and what you are, how would you know that what you want is what you should want?

For a more fulfilling life, it is imperative that you identify those characteristics that uniquely constitute your being, grow them and express them as your persona. Life becomes more meaningful, and you express who you are better, when you are able to employ your material possessions to complement the expression of your inner values. .


In this course, you learn the following:

  1. Who and what you are as spirit being and how you are spiritually coded.
  2. Appreciate the Grand Discovery of how the human spirit is trapped in negativities and your easy path to full spiritual recovery.
  3. How to permanently reinstall the software of your innate spiritual qualities of good and live a life fulfilling joy.
  4. Discover the False Persona. The False Persona is what you do instead of what you truly are. When the True Persona is ignored, the False Persona is born.
  5. Battle of the Angels: a common phenomenon that is the cause of most of human issues and is hardly known to science and psychology.

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(This video gives you an introduction to  the study of who and what you are in your Gender, Persona and Senses.)

Understanding gender has become even more important as debates on gender identity, equality and neutrality have become dominant headlines on platforms that discuss social and cultural issues. The basic external biological or sex characteristic of masculinity and femininity female are no longer sufficient determinants of gender descriptions and roles. 

Science has confirmed in so many ways that within every individual are male and female properties. What becomes dominant depends on hormonal patterns or internal feelings of the individual, more than the appearance of a male or female sex organ. Thus, you may see a man exhibiting somewhat female characteristics and a woman exhibiting the reverse. In the face of ironclad gender barriers, a man with dominantly female hormonal characteristics remains trapped in male social roles and expectations because of the mere physical appearance of a male body. Such individuals become confused and in several cases are unable to operate freely. In addition, strict definitions on how people should express as males and females has psychological effects on the individual. Many societies and cultures, for instance, forbid or proscribe men from crying because it is the male character to be strong and firm; and almost unemotional. This stops many men from expressing their emotions and the psychological  block impacts their lives in unwholesome ways. In others, women are not allowed to share their opinions freely, denying society the complementary wisdom of the feminine.

Again, the cultural outcome of gender identity is that there is a bias against women in terms of gender differences. What this is generating is a situation where women are fighting for gender equality, where some women seek to be as dominant and aggressive as men, which may be the case for some women with more male hormonal or biological characteristics. It however does not translate into the general feminine character, and as such we would always find women who are for, and many who are against, the stance of feminists. Raw aggressiveness is a dominant male character. The logical argument is that you do not seek to become like men to be equal to men. When we understand our gender, then we would accept our unique and dominant gender character and interests and seek how society can place equal value on our different gender expressions, rather than us seeking to be like or do things like the opposite gender. The focus will be on equal respect or value (equity) rather than equality.

This course seeks to open participants to how our biology influences our behavior; and each of us is a dual being – male and female – in our composition. A man is not always a man – a man may have female characteristics and to operate in a more wholesome manner, one needs to first appreciate and accept who and what he or she is without the bias of social prescriptions. We then should be able  to employ our gender properties as and when necessary without the fear of social acceptability, but together shape a more fluid society while creating checks and balances against extremism

We intend to open the participants’ eyes to how certain social conventions originated from our gender behaviors as driven by our biology.  Once this material is digested and understood, the way forward in our relationships would now be:

  • Know how to identify and accept what we are in our gender;
  • To understand how we express or experience our gender;
  • Explore ways to work with how each partner in the relationship operates as a gender being, and how together you can cooperate for greater outcomes.

All in all, we are looking to a society that accepts people for what they are, without restrictions and discrimination while as individuals we seek to channel our gender-originated behavior in more productive and life-enhancing ways

Finally, when we understand how we express or operate as gender beings, we would refrain from labeling others wrongly because of the way they express. A young man with a feminine voice or who exhibits certain female gender behaviors may not necessarily be sexually attracted to a man. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that is not the same as one’s gender expression, though it may be influenced by gender identity.

The knowledge of what we are as Gender beings is essential for balance in the individual, harmony in your relationships and peace in our world. Get ready to explore, experience and celebrate who you are as a gender being.

Introduction To ELED_1

Introduction to ELED_2

Essential Life Education is a Revolutionary approach to Self-Discovery, Relationships and Total Life Mastery. It awakens you to who and what you are in your Gender, Persona and Senses (GPS); making it easy to unleash your potentials and optimize your life.

Awakening to your GPS enables you to navigate successfully in life and to understand why you and others are the way you are and do the things you do.

Your deepest desire is to experience inner peace for yourself and to have a world that promotes joy and harmony for your children and the future generations. To the contrary, the world is going in the direction of self-destruction and we have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the entire human race in minutes. And there seems to be no hope for a possible peace in future; but there is hope, it is called Essential Life Education.

The Vision of civilization is to provide humanity with the amenities for our comfort and advancement. Advances in science and technology have improved the quality of life in many societies. In as much as we have made great strides in improving our material comfort, we are confronted with serious collateral damages to our environment and social fabric. We have become deviants in our own environment by degrading the very ecosystem on which we depend for our survival.

The current knowledge system has made us more isolated. We have bigger and better houses but more broken homes. We have more sophisticated means of communication, but we less understand one another. We have become more suspicious of each other. Religion has spread far and wide and instead of bringing people together, it has rather succeeded in adding to the segregations of humanity, fuelling suspicion, hate, avarice among people and it has been responsible for a majority of the wars in the world. All these tell us that we have missed the mark of holistic civilization.

With the passing of time, our expectation to develop better relationships with each other for greater joy and community living, remain a fleeting illusion. On the contrary, we increasingly experience internal and external conflicts of all shades. World peace would be nothing but a thin veneer unless it stems from an international community of people who are at peace with themselves.  This can only be possible when we have attained some level of understanding and discipline over our minds and emotions.

Unlike our education in science and technology, there is no systematic education on Self Knowledge or training for our mental and spiritual well-being. Even raising of precious human children is mere experimentation. Presently, our school systems do not teach children how to overcome fears or create joy, for instance.  A young teenager becomes pregnant and gives birth without any knowledge on how to raise a child.  However, to be wholesome, material development must essentially go hand in hand with our mental and emotional development.

This is your invitation to join a world-wide advocacy campaign to awaken the world to what it needs to experience the peace we have been craving and praying for. It is time for freedom with responsibility, when we would no longer require restrictive laws that chain us in all ways. It is sometimes amazing how we have tied ourselves up in prison just because we do not have the knowledge of the self for us to be free beings and expand our inner potentials.

Soul Processing is the spiritual mind science for the restoration of the full God potential and spiritual possibilities in man.

Soul Processing provides two things:

  1. Removal of evil
  2. Activation of spiritual abilities

The premise of Soul Processing is that whatever a man can confront, he can handle. In Soul Processing, you are led or you lead yourself to confront the cud pictures and analyse them to a constructive learning. Every pain holds a rich learning. Until the learning is realised, the pain repeats itself. Life is sworn to itself, as you, that it will expand the Intelligence that it is, and this can never be contradicted. When the pain is confronted and the learning is absorbed, the evil (fear, hate, grief or whatever) in it is dissolved. Through a gentle process of reliving[1], present pains are uncovered and reduced, opening us to the root or primary causes of the pain. When the primary cause of the pain is removed, the entire tree of the pain and its effects are removed and the individual becomes free. This process is known as Cud Processing; it is the processing or chewing and removal of the Cud.

The second part of Soul Processing is the activation of spiritual abilities. This is known as Ability Processing. It is achieved by re-stimulating the pictures of your achievement, successes and your moments of intelligent Christ-like deeds. By focusing on what is divine in you, you expand it.

When a man is free of what stimulates him or her into error, and activates all or a greater portion of his or her God abilities, he or she lives as an expanded field of Intelligence. He or she is then in full spiritual dominion as he or she was meant to be.

The practice of returning to a past event and recounting it in present or present continuous tense as though the event is happening in Present Time.

Absolute Life Processing

An advanced spiritual process that empowers Liberatee to transcend the fear of death by having a meaningful, purposeful life. It invites Liberatee to start living fully now. It can stimulate the Liberatee to find his or her purpose.

This processing may be used to help one identify his or her purpose in life and have meaning to things done in life. The processing may also be used to cleanse the entire life of a Liberatee.

Life is about our soul expansion. When the Bible told us in Genesis 1: 28, “Be ye fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over life, it was demanding of us to expand our soul.”

The command to use is:

A time comes, and we call it death, when you realize that nothing in this world is your, except what you are. What are you?

The important thing in life is to know what we are and expand it. Often, people’s attention is on what they have and what they are is totally ignored.

You are welcome to sign up for this interesting course.