A popular teaching states that when you go to Rome you do what Romans do. And now that you have arrived home here on earth you must study Natures simple principles to enable you stop the life of daily struggle and begin to live.


This book, The Way Forward, is my 22nd book and contains the 18 principles of Nature for an empowered living. This is the book that I have seen people buy up to 20 copies at a time and when I asked them why, they all say that this is the most powerful spiritual tool they have found and that they are buying them as gifts for friends; and soon you will also agree with them.


In everyone, there is what I call “you Core Philosophy” and if this philosophy is not in harmony with nature, your life is a struggle. The first three principles alone will be enough to bring your Core Philosophy in harmony with Nature, then you are on the road to a vibrant blissful life which produces the quality of your thoughts, feelings, actions and responses.

[fancy_header]A brief on principles 1-3[/fancy_header]
Before you arrived here, Nature was here and, in fact, you are a product of Nature; there is no Nature and you; you are a part of Nature. You breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and the plants take in the carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for your survival. You see Nature’s synchronization right here.


Nature uses simple principles, repeated over time to create the complex universe and has experimented with itself for billions of years before you got here ad to live harmoniously in it, you must study her spiritual principles and live by them.


Whenever I have given talks based on these principles, it has produced profound awakening. Principle 1 for example states that “life is about pain”.


The religious, non-religionists, metaphysicians and scientists are all working towards the escape from pain. Religion, in my observation, was invented to give you a god, somewhere beyond the skies to save you from the pains in Nature and science promised to give you all the needed tools for you to dominate Nature. The efforts of religions not based on Nature have produced more depressions and lunatics and the efforts of science have produced gargantuan amounts of pollution and its consequential diseases.


Naturally, when I present Nature’s philosophy that life is about pain they react objecting to it. But soon, they came to realize as I expatiate it that in truth “Life is about pain but pain is not about you”; pain is about the activation and revelation of your innate potentials. Every human being wants to have a sense of achievements and that means you signed up to come to Earth to have obstacles or pains to break through, surmount or transcend; and the pain you run away from, you run into because you are focusing on it.


It is strange that even through you do not want pain, you have and are creating a large vessels for the storage of pain so that you live in more struggle.

Principle two shatters the vessels of pain and principle three is the principle of freedom. The other principles give you firm foundations in life.

Another master piece for you is Possibility Living. In that book, I teach the language of the mind. Positive thinking rarely works. For example, you affirm “I am rich, I am rich” and while you do so, your logical mind brings you all the evidences of how you have less than a $100 in your bank account and your parents and grandparents were poor.

Using the discovered language of the mind brings the mind into agreement with you and you are able to use all the fears and negative suggestions of the mind as allies for your Spiritual, Physical and Financial breakthrough.

You cannot be or remain a slave to the mind and to attempt to conquer it is to conquer yourself and that is disaster, and you deserve better than that. The mind is your friend and partner and all you do is to learn its natural language and employ it for any goal you have in life.