What is Essential Life Education?

Essential Life Education is a Self-Discovery program that provides you with the Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship leading to Spiritual Enlightenment and Total Life Mastery. It gives you the knowledge of why you and others are the way you are and do the things you do. With its study, you activate your innate potentials and have profound inner peace and by multiplication, we move the world to peace.

The Knowledge of the Self breaks itself down into who and what you are in your Gender as a male-female being, Your Persona as a spiritual person and in your Senses.

Relationship breaks itself down into Social, Environmental and Economic Relationshiips. The Social Relationship deals with frienships, marriages, parenting, family and comunity building. The Environmenta Relationship deals our interactions with the environment to ensure sustainable living; and the The Economic Relationship addresses our interactions with Business, the employer, employee, service provider, consumer Etc.

The heart of knowing and mastering any type of relationship lies in knowing who and what you are in your Gender, Persona and Senses (GPS)

Introduction to Essential Life Education

Essential Life Education (ELED) provides you with tools for Self-discovery and Total Life Mastery.

We believe world peace is possible within our lifetime if each one of us should take a conscious step towards creating the inner harmony that will reflect on our external relationships for the eventually realization of world peace.

Your journey to Inner Peace starts with the download of your free Peace Toolkit Package..

Inner peace is attained by the identification and unleash of your core potentials and that requires time tested spiritual tools that are easy, fast, effective and in harmony with Nature.

The ELED course is designed to discover why you and others are the way you are, why you do the things you do, and how to celebrate your unique differences. You will identify your inner persona that is seeking to fulfill Spiritual, Sociological, Psychological, Physiological and Financial quests, and be empowered to interact harmoniously through social and economic environments.

The Full Online Courses are available here.

True Enlightenment comes with inner awareness and free expression: knowing who and what you are, knowing how you know it and having the ability to freely express it, and Essential Life Education is your authentic route to Enlightenment and Life Mastery.

Conscious Humanity is dedicated to the provision of the proven tools that help people to identify and unleash their creative potentials.

Our mission is to create peaceful individuals who will become agents for creating a peaceful world. We believe world peace is possible within our lifetime if each one of us should take a conscious step towards creating the inner harmony that will eventually reflect on our external relationships.

By unleashing your Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and Financial being potentials, you will experience Personal Inner Peace which will result in World Peace.


The biological constitutions of the male and female sexes confer certain psychological differences that generally influence their gender behaviour. When you learn what they are and you are able to identify those gender properties that distinctively affect the conduct of men and women, you would be able to better understand, accept or improve in yourself, those behavioral patterns that dominate the sexes. People could start behaving irrationally when they feel humiliated as a result of a derisive attack on their gender character. On the other hand, when a person discovers their gender properties, they will discover their hidden potentials and could be at peace with themselves


Your persona is your true identity; it is who or what you are at the core. Until you discover your true essence, your life is like an empty shell at the mercy of the wind. You become an efect instead of a cause and many of the things you want including education are determined by what your society or community or environment want out of you, which leaves you unfulfilled. When you are aware of who and what you are as the director of your body and its movements, you become confident, creative and an agent of good on the planet


Your five senses taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch  are entities in themselves and serve as gateways through which you communicate with the world around you. The influence of the senses over your life can be subtle and could largely be responsible for many of the choices you make. How many times have you bought stuff from the shop only to realize that you did not really need them? To demonstrate how much the senses influence you, just spit out food you have chewed and are about to swallow, and try eating it once more. When the food was in the mouth, the sense of taste and smell welcomed it and your senses enjoyed it. As soon as you spit it out and you see it, the sense of sight forbids you from eating the very morsel you had enjoyed chewing moments before.All shades of immorality are caused by the human response to the suggestions and dictates of the senses. Wrong attitudes and behaviors such as the expression of irrational anger and fear are the result of human reactions to sense judgments and impositions. The sad part is that majority of humans misconstrue the dictates of the senses as their own and believe that what the senses want is their own inner desires

The Basis of Understanding and Relationship

There are many kinds of relationships. Friendship is a special relationship in which you and your partner help each other to become better. Marriage is a life long commitment to friendship and to share in the sacredness of your sexuality. Between these two are varying degrees of relationships which include acquaintanceship, business partnership, and romantic and platonic love relationships. For any meaningful interpersonal or international relationship to thrive, it requires an understanding of Gender, Persona, Senses [GPS]. When you have knowledge of your GPS then you could have a vision of what others are in their GPS and tailor fitting relationships with them.

GPS Benefits

You know, understand and accept yourself and are able to handle or overcome those fears, anger and negative emotions that potentially create conflict between individuals and nations

You gain the ability to know, understand and accept others, leading to improved interpersonal relationships for the promotion of peaceful coexistence and progress.

How to Get Involved in the Peace Revolution

We invite you to join us in the Peace Revolution today! Here are four proven steps to achieving inner self discovery, harmonious relationships and world peace

4 Steps to World Peace:

BELIEVE IT! Believe and envision a sense of world peace.

I define Peace as the identification and free expression of your innate potential…and, it is possible for you and others to unleash their innate potential.

PRACTICE IT! Each day imagine, describe and feel what peace is. Practice and study the tools of mastering your life with Essential Life Education.

Please, join the Peace Revolution by watching each of these video here several times:

EMBODY IT! As our awareness of peace grows, we realize the interconnectedness of all people and all things in nature.

The human race is at the crux of an evolutionary leap. WE are the ones, the generation of change. All challenges point toward the need for human behavior to evolve beyond our rapid advances in technology to a closer connection to nature. Say YES! to World Peace through inner peace in your Life.

SHARE IT! Share the message that world peace is possible.

Be a part of this important campaign by sending this link to everybody on your mailing list. Let us know creative ways that will make this a viral campaign watched by millions.

This is also your opportunity to make the greatest impact in the world and leave a legacy of peace for this and future generations. Together, we can do it and be the change we are looking for.

Download Your FREE Peace Toolkit Package [click here] and start your lessons for Self Knowledge towards Inner Peace.

Invite your friends to join us here and on our social media such as Face Book, Twitter.

In doing these, you are a Peace Advocate. And you can become a Peace Ambassador and a Peace Trainer as well.

The Peace Revolution is on

“In my lifetime, I have seen the cold war dissolved, I have seen the Berlin wall come down, I have seen Apartheid dismantled, and I have seen a man of color in the White House. I have seen a grass roots movement use social media to topple governments. Now you can be a part of a peace revolution that comes together to shift human thinking and social development through ELED.” Bro. Ishmael Tetteh

We have seen the signs of the annihilation of the human race through nuclear bombs and we can stop that from happening.

Civilizations have always held visions of promoting greater individual joy and global peace. It is however paradoxical that in spite of our apparent advances in education, technology, science and the arts, the global landscape today is characterized by war, strife, disease, poverty, fear and anger. We are neither able to relate harmoniously with our environment nor with one another in ways that honor our truest desires and uphold our dignity. We build physical, social and economic structures without any attention to the development of the people who live in it or will use it; and that is what we call Brick and Mortal civilization.

Civilization must take a new turn to focus on the development of humans; and that is what I call Human Based Civilization. A structure without a soul will collapse on itself and that is very imminent unless we take action. Humanity is stuck in a quagmire from which we might not be able to extricate ourselves without fresh consideration of the fundamentals of our relationships. We need a novel approach to the understanding of self, our relationships with other people (as individuals or groups and nations) and our relationship with the environment.

The overriding question is, who are we and who are the other people with whom we are relating? Again, as adults we suddenly find ourselves saddled with the rather daunting task of raising children without much of a clue as to what constitute upbringing and what modes of socialization or education are the best fit for our children. For example, how does a thirteen year old who gets pregnant, raise a child when she herself needs to be parented? Invariably, we are not schooled in parenting. Whatever we are doing in our relationships and more seriously in the raising of our children is nothing but mere experimentation.

It incredible that we have systematic methods for developing material objects for our use but the development of human beings and our relationships continue to be a matter of trial and error? No wonder our so-called civilization is in reverse drive. What the world needs urgently to salvage it from this trend is the systemized body of knowledge called Essential Life Education.

Essential Life Education provides the needed tools for a movement towards world peace. The message of the movement is simple, “Let us have the study of the RELATIONSHIP in all of its forms in our domestic and secular education.”

Every civilization is founded on its knowledge system and the addition of this knowledge system is the much needed input to change our current civilization. We have to get this to the policy makers and to the ‘powers that be’. And when we get one percent of the human population studying Relationship and especially, ELED, it will be the tipping point for world peace.

We owe it to ourselves, and the future generation a legacy of peace and we are the ones to change the course of civilization.

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