This is the science of Self-Discovery and Relationship leading to Life and Relationship Mastery. It is your key to open the gates of true success…
Essential Life Education provides the needed of knowledge of who and what you are in your Gender Persona & Senses, your GPS. Armed with this knowledge of Self you are freed to unleash your innate potentials and you are handed tools to create a dynamic life and harmonious relationships!

What is Essential Life Education (ELED)?

Essential Life Education is a Self-Discovery program that provides you with Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship leading to Total Life Mastery. It gives you the knowledge of why you and others are the way you are and do the things you do. With this study, you activate your innate potentials and have profound inner peace and by multiplication, we move the world to peace.

The Knowledge of the Self breaks itself down into 3 Drives that run your life – Gender, Persona and the Senses (GPS). Gender is who and what you are as a being with male-female attributes. Your Persona is your actual self, your core identity. The heart of ELED is to know your identity. When you know your identity beyond the roles you play in life such as wife, husband, son, daughter, employer, executive, worker, etc. , you then realize what it is you have come here to do. Knowing your Senses means to know how your senses control you and lead your decision making. Mastery of your senses allows you to be the master of your life.


Discover ELED- Essential Life Education and discover the core of you. You are loaded and encoded since before you were born. Through knowing your GPS ELED will help you discover and free the wellspring of power, success, and talents within you. With its study, you activate your innate potentials and come to profound inner peace and by multiplication move the world to peace.

ELED is the user manual of life. It opens you to the beauty and wonderment of your own constitution. It teaches you to embrace you as you are, empowering you to be more of yourself. Being more is a basic impulse of life. In nature we see a compelling force at work that pushes a seed from the ground, leads a single grain to grow into a full stalk of wheat, causes a chick to step out of the limited space of the egg to embrace a bigger world. There is an impulse for advancement and increase and that impulse is within you. Calling you to be more. You can only be more when you know who and what you are in your GPS. When you know your GPS, you are clear at what drives you. When you know what drives you, you can then utilize those drives to be more. Knowing GPS drives and how they work, you are then more able to see what drives others. Thus, relate more effectively, leading to harmonious relationships.

Everything we do is within relationship. Everything is being influenced and has influence. ELED is a systematic application of the art and science of relationship. Starting with knowing who and what you are. Activating your Power and Purpose so that you Prosper and are at be peace begins with knowing who you are and having a harmonious relationship with yourself. Harmony with yourself brings you in harmony with others and harmony with life. The ELED program is designed to bring you to harmony with your life.


Benefits of Knowing Your GPS Drives…

  • You know, understand and accept yourself
  • You activate your innate potentials and freely express them
  • You are clear on your identity and drives, thus knowing your purpose and use all of life as fertilizer to grow you to be more
  • You are able to overcome fear, anger and negative emotions
  • You put an end to limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs
  • You gain the ability to know, understand and accept others
  • Text BoxYou have harmonious relationships
  • You promote peaceful coexistence and progress