We added the word complex because we are more than a hospital. EMHC goes beyond just curing diseases but empowering people to live holistically. Each patient’s whole life is brought into consideration and every person is empowered through programs and remedies to live holistically, healthfully and in harmony with nature. So that in the future there is no need to even go to hospital.

In approaching health holistically, EMHC has discovered many therapies not implemented in a traditional hospital. EMHC’s Naturopathic, Elemental, Herbal and Spiritual Treatments have been active for many years. We are known throughout Accra, Ghana as being able to heal many illnesses that allopathic medicine has been at a loss to cure. People come from all over Ghana for EMHC’s treatments as it has a reputation of being able to help what a regular hospital cannot.

The person is treated on every level. There are 3 floors in the hospital, the bottom floor is Naturopathic/Herbal Medicine, The middle floor is allopathic, and the top floor is spiritual healing that includes 24-hour prayer.

We have a vision of all types of medicines working together holistically. Allopathic may sometimes be the best course while it also will provide the research laboratory to prove the effectiveness of the Natural. Elemental, and Spiritual Medicines. When the hospital is fully complete it will be a model of what a hospital should be. A Hospital that treats the whole person. We are all of spirit, mind, feeling and body and people should be empowered to live holistically for optimal health and overall well being, which is why EMHC’s focus is on:

Adding Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life

Science has shown that health is more than just physiological. Disease/illness are often caused by our psychology, emotions and psyches, etc. Some illnesses are simply due to our lifestyle choices-physical, mental, emotional, social and even spiritual choices. So, the solutions, what are called cures must go beyond drugs and surgeries to treat the whole person.

EMHC combines:

  • Natural Medicine- herbal, balms, oils, elixirs, etc.
  • Elemental Medicine- such as solar (Sun) therapy. water therapy, earth therapy, breathing exercises etc.
  • Spiritual Treatments- such as Soul Processing, light healing, sound healing, prayer. psychic healing, and energy healing.
  • Allopathic medicine- standard western medicine, such as surgeries and pharmaceuticals research laboratory etc.

We have added Years to your life because your illness will be treated, and we have add Life to your Years because we added value to your life. Each person who is treated at EMHC leaves knowing they must live a life of value for themselves and their community. Healing is beyond the body and EMHC is here to prove it that with optimal well-being we can have healthy bodies and a healthy world.

With your donation we can complete the hospital. The goal is to fully develop the allopathic medicine and research laboratory floor, expand the Naturopathic clinic, acquire all necessary equipment and furnishings and hire more staff. This will allow the facility to be open daily and better serve an area that does not have a hospital in its region. The Toal estimated cost is $6,500,000.00. We have received about $1,000,000.00 to date.

We can be THE MODEL for healthcare worldwide: Proving the validity of the herbal, elemental, and spiritual remedies; demonstrating the importance of treating the whole person, and introducing Lifestyle Medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine Holistic Well Being for the future.

Make a difference. Donate and support this cause!