Through the Three Mystical Truths (3MT) program you can transcend your pains and discords.
Do you find yourself wanting more? More joy? More happiness? More fulfillment? A desire to be greater?

The Three Mystical Truths not only reveals all that is within you but it hands you principles, techniques and tools that give access to your innate potentials.

The words ‘all that you need is within you’ will no longer just be words you hear from another Transformational teacher that you never really feel. Instead you will discover your immense power, capacity, and capability to be all that you have come here to be and crave to be. 3MT will show you how to use spiritual energy to clear mental blocks that prevent you from the free expression of your glorious self! It will remind you that your are not to do it alone and show you the fact that you have not done anything alone. Everything is done by the collective power of the entire universe and you are here by the collective power of the entire universe. With this program you will awaken to the nature of your true self as a being that is here by the collective Power, Wisdom, Love, Joy and Order of the entire universe. You will awaken to your purpose and see clearly what life is trying to accomplish through you. You will come into alignment with Life and Nature. This is Nature’s Spirituality. The 3 Mystical Truths are simple Truths of Nature that the sages, saints, and mystics have known for millennia. Join the Program and learn the Laws of Nature- the Laws that govern all life.

These 3 simple Truths can lead you to a healthy, happy, fulfilling empowered and prosperous life.


Ancestral Wisdom Virtual Retreat

with Brother Ishmael Tetteh

Connect to Your Lineage. Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose. Build Your Legacy.

Was held on Saturday, October 2 and Saturday, October 9, 2021 9 a.m. to Noon PST (11 a.m. CT / Noon ET / 4 p.m. Ghana)

This retreat is sacred and powerful. The information taught is to assist you in navigating and growing through these times we are living in. It is not work to be abused or taken lightly.

You are the answer to your Ancestor’s prayers.

Seek their assistance in making your dreams come true.

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