Growing the Empowered Child

The school will run the GEC curriculum with age/grade specific modules, processes, and empowerment games.
Essential Life Education (ELED), Bro. Ishmael’s master course for self, life, and relationship mastery will be at the core of the curriculum. ELED lays the foundation for the creation of a human-centered society.

Raising empowered children for the future is our goal. Empowered Children become dependable, caring, confident, resourceful Adults and are the key to World Peace and a world that works for everyone.

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We see a world of Children free of anger, greed, doubt, and fear who know their value and worth because they honor and celebrate their uniqueness! Empowered children are confident, creative, happy, responsible, have a drive for excellence, all while knowing they are here for the betterment of humanity.

We know we can grow these children because the Growing the Empowered Child (GEC) Program has been running for many decades through Etherean Mission, Ghana. We have grown 100’s of children from impoverished and marginalized backgrounds into Empowered Adults who have become doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, business owners, etc.

It’s time to turn this program into a School!

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The Growing the Empowered Child School will cultivate liberated, courageous, self-assured youth, to create a world of healthy, happy, dedicated, dependable adults who work to make an inclusive world where everyone is nurtured and supported to live their best self and life!

Etherean Mission, in Ghana, Africa has acquired the land to build the school. The cost of building, classroom furniture & equipment, school supplies, etc., is estimated to be $2,000,000.00. With these funds we will build a model school that can be replicated in other regions and countries.