The Empowered Child is one who is free from fear and anger is awakened to and celebrates their innate uniqueness and has a drive for excellence. 

This is a powerful child who grows into an empowered adult. This is what every parent wants and the world needs!  

Study how to raise children who are confident, resourceful, responsible, know their value and worth, celebrate their individuality, embrace diversity and honor others’ uniqueness. This is the world we need and you can help create this world by raising The Empowered Child.

What is Growing the Empowered Child?

GEC is designed for all caregivers of children – parents, teachers, nanny’s, babysitters, policy-makers, anyone who cares for or works with children. Conscious Humanity sees a world at peace filled with adults free from anger, fear and doubt. Creating this world begins with how we raise our children.

This program provides tools to remove restrictive blocks from the growth path of a child. First the program will guide you to look at the fundamental issues associated with raising an empowered child such as the genesis of fear and anger. GEC provides the remedies to overcome these barriers and offers a holistic program of raising children.

GEC also speaks to the youth to stimulate answers to their questions such as, “why adults behave the way that they do”. It provides them a 360-view of the world and shows ways to get the best out of adults and the world in which they live. GEC inspires 360-thinking, (critical thinking), which is essential for successful careers, happiness, promoting curiosity and creativity, making good decisions, improving relationships and overall harmony and wellbeing.

Lastly, GEC provides teachings and tools on how to grow the abilities within a child. It cultivates their innate qualities, talents, gits, and capacities, while developing their self-esteem and resolve to be fully expressed.


GEC has something for everyone because the child is present within all of us, children and adults. GEC has 2 objectives. First, is to provide insights, tools, and strategies for raising empowered children who know their worth, are expressive, driven, cooperative and creative. Second, GEC sees raising empowered children as a formula for world peace. Empowered people not only express their own voice but are dedicated to lifting and support others to be their best and live their best life. Only when we have a world that is focused on the greater good for all will we have a world at peace.

There are 4 parts to the program:

  1. Looking at the Challenges and Problems associated with Growing the Empowered Children
  2. Offering Simple Remedies, Formulas and Solutions to the problems and barriers
  3. Providing youth with a holistic view of the world they are living in to get the best out of life
  4. Growing the Innate Abilities, Qualities, and Capabilities in Children. Supporting Children to Actualize their Potential

Through the use of interactive processes, arts and games, such as the Word Empowerment Game, children & youth are cleansed from fear, doubt and anger. They then awaken to the celebration of their uniqueness and that of others. As you work this program, you will heal your own wounded child within and come into your excellence and joy as well. Parenting is a very Essential Life Education. Without it, we are experimenting with the foundation of precious human spirits. Growing the Empowered Child is designed to grow children and youth into responsible adults dedicated to a world that works for everyone.

Growing the Empowered Child Mission

 Empowering youth to detach from the negative emotions they meet in the world. 

  • Empowering youth to know how to use negative emotions as allies for their growth. 
  • Empowering youth to gain access to their inner resources and gain mastery of life through holistic understanding, celebration and use of their feelings, senses and thoughts. 
  • Empowering youth to make informed choices, through a holistic understanding of the environment and the great purpose behind this friendly universe. 
  • Empowering youth to have holistic understanding of gender, racial, tribal and personality differences and to celebrate the uniqueness in the differences. 

Growing the Empowered Child is a path to create a world filled with people who have Inner Peace.  
Thus, creating a World at Peace.