Hospital Complex

The Etherean Mission Hospital is a holistic hospital to enhance the quality of health and well being. It combines traditional, spiritual and Mind Science technology for the total well being of mankind.

When completed this hospital will be a three-story facility. Each floor approximately 20,000 square feet. The hospital

will provide In and Out patient care. A modern laboratory for diagnosis and research. A naturopath department that will employ the use of herbs, sound therapy, Solar-therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and other healing methods in the treatment of disease.
Although the hospital facility is only 2/3 completed the Etherean Mission has been running a Holistic Healing Clinic since 1973.

Our success story with the use of Herbs, Meditation, Mantramic Sound, Solar-therapy, Hydrotherapy, Prayer and Positive Imaging techniques motivated the membership in 1989 to vote for the construction of a Hospital Complex for total well being.

The estimated cost for the physical structure of the hospital project is $3,750,000. To date we have spent $950,000 to bring it to the present stage. The interior of the hospital is estimated to cost $2,800,000 for equipment and furnishings

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