Meditation in Paradise is a unique audio reprograming tool that releases you from
stress and rejuvenates your mind and body. Its effect is almost instant.

Statistics has it that most diseases are stress related and with this program you
can free yourself quickly from stress.

Besides it is the tool to lift you to your spirituality, anchor you in yourself, gift
you to your own self and enable you to activate your potential. All you do is just
listen to this program, morning and evening or anytime you need to get out of the

The program is so gentle to your soul; I created this in the year 2000 and recorded
it with the help of one of my soul daughters. It is as perennial as the tropical rain
forest grass, so you will always love to listen to it.

In this download, I have given you five minute of this wonderful program and
it may be all that you will need to bring you to that sense of inner peace. And if
you are really willing to have the full program, it comes on two tracks. The first
track gives you balance in your five life drives which are Spiritual, Social, Physical,
Psychological and Financial and the second track is a very powerful tool for mind

Your Spiritual life deals with your relationship with the Intelligent Power that rules
manages, directs and controls the entire universe and you want to have a spiritual
balance with it. The second which is the Social deals with your relationship with
people, environment, friends, family, spouses and relationships. The psychological
deals with your thought and feeling; you want to have a clear mind and enjoy
your wonderful feelings, the Physical deals with your relationship with your health
and beauty and the fifth which is the Financial deals with the drive of giving
quality service and enjoying the monetary rewards.

In this five minute program, you will receive a portion of the Spiritual program
and this may be all that you need for you to get out of the stress. However if you
want to have the full program, it comes in two tracks; track one will give you
the rest of the full program and track two is a very powerful program for mind

Everything you want in life is to fulfill and satisfy a desire; you want a nice car,
nice home, wonderful spouse and great friends, it is all to satisfy a feeling and
when you are able to choose your feelings at will then you are the riches person
in life. Besides, everything in life start with a thought, thought produces action,

repeated action produce your behavior, sustain behavior becomes your attitude,
maintaining attitude becomes your nature and your nature produce your destiny.

By changing your thought and creating new ones you are able to influence your
destiny but this is not very easy to do, you need the right tools that take you deep
into the reset of your conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds, and that
is what this program offers you. It gives you the ability to discipline the mind in a
very relax and enjoyable way till you rich the state where you are able to choose
your thought at will and then you are able to win life.

The whole program is just twenty five dollars and my passion is to produce
world peace in our life time and if you are really willing, you may use the product
coupon at the end of this program to get the entire program at 75% discount or at
the donation price that you feel is worthy of it.

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My passion is to have world peace in our life time and that means that everybody
must come to their own personal inner peace and it also means that you must
come to your own personal inner peace. Peace is not the quite of the grave
yard, it is the activation and free expression of your innate potentials and what
interferes with peace regularly are the stresses you go through in life.

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