The Three Mystical Truths is gift from the Mystical Living Program, which is a powerful on-going donation based program in which you are spiritually aligned monthly by Brother Ishmael Tetteh’s Spiritual Team in Ghana.Participation is by Membership subscription.

Benefit of Mystical Living Program.
  • You will be aligned with Nature. This enhances your magnetism to attract the good you deserve.
  • Your health will be improved and you will be spiritually immune to negative vibrations.
  • You will have the ability to be in alignment with your Spirit, which allows you to make the right choices in your life. This is also known as Soul Optimization.
  • Your alignments will spiritually open up your consciousness and you will have the ability to access the spiritual halls of knowledge to gain deeper spiritual truths.

Everybody needs a support system and you have a powerful one in the Mystical Living
Program. The Mystical Living Program provides you that platform using high-level spiritual tools that are reserved for Mystics initiated in the Etherean Mission Work. Our Mystics align you with your own innate role, spiritual space and cosmic purpose. This alignment additionally gives our Mystics the opportunity to foresee any interference
to your force-field and allows them to correct it. This process will make you more spiritually sound and anchored to walk your path in confidence, joy, health, abundance and peace.

The Mystical living Program comes in three group of membership

  • Regular Member
  • The Advanced Member (Recommended)
  • Patron Member (Highly Recommended)
As a Regular Member of the Mystical Living program- you receive the following

  • You receive monthly alignment with the universe you live in. Whether you are conscious of it or not, other energies from people and from the environment interfere with your psyche causing you to lose the spiritual magnetism you need to think your own thoughts and live your own life. This alignment corrects this.
  • You will receive occasional in depth and powerful lesson which will accelerate your path to enlightenment.
  • You will enjoy a 20% discount on all workshops by Bro. Ishmael Tetteh.

Please, select your Monthly Subscription Donation for this Level below. Your account will be charged this amount once a month on this day.

In Addition to the benefits of the regular member subscription…

  • Every month a Mystic is assigned to you to do deeper spiritual work for you. This work is more specialized based upon the needs of your spirit.
  • You receive mystical prayer support in times of your special needs. When there is such a need you simply have to contact us and your request goes to the entire body of Mystics. They all pray and work on your request at as a team, and then a Mystic is assigned to the person according to the need. Every Mystic has some great specialization in some of the advanced tools, so your need will determined who works on you. The Mystics work on your case or situation and report to the inner circle on their findings. Sometimes the whole team of Mystics will have to work on your case.

Please, select your Monthly Subscription Donation for this Level below. Your account will be charged this amount once a month on this day.


In addition to the Regular and Advance Membership subscription benefits…

        • You will receive a private session quarterly with Brother Ishmael or one of the Mystics to address any area of your life.


        • You are given free access to many paid products in the Store as well as a 20% discount on all purchases
        • You are given access to a wealth of mystical tools that are reserved for the advanced initiates


Please, select your Monthly Subscription Donation for this Level below. Your account will be charged this amount once a month on this day.

The Quality of Your Donation

A person who in the sincerity of his or her soul has not got the minimum donation may also apply to us for the acceptance and this person must in the same sincerity begin to donate as soon as his or her situation improves as it certainly will.   When there is order in the spirit, it gives birth to harmony and prosperity in the outer. This Program brings you to inner order and all the outer benefits cannot be stated.

The Three Mystical Truth

For the first time, this sacred mystical knowledge is made available to the world and with special permission from the Spiritual Masters of life who are concerned about the evolutionary good of the planet, this knowledge and its practice is made available to you.   This is an initiation program and is made available to all participant on a daily teleseminar with downloadable option.
The Three Mystical truth for the Mystical living Program members is in progress and participant are raving about its magical transformation i their lives. Here are a few…

      • Miracles are happening all around me ! Life will never be the same!


      • This is an opportunity to work with forces of Nature to cleanse your bad memories away and to recreate your life in alignment with goodness


      • This course provided one of the most powerful opportunities I’ve ever had to visualize, embody and integrate the transformational process as both inner experience and outer manifestation


      • This course has helped me connect to my soul and soul purpose in lif, it has opened my heart, raised my energetic vibration, it helps me with my life’s Challenges, it has changed me forever. thanks you brother Ishmael !

In the evolutionary plan, each soul is to find its own roles and space to function to the fulfil cosmic purpose. When a soul does not find its place and role it becomes a misguided force. Many of such misguided forces interfere with your soul field and if you yield to that you also become a misguided force and your earth life becomes a struggle.
When you find your role and space in spirit, you participate consciously in life’s drama and you are at peace with yourself in life.And even when the waters are troubled on the surface, you are calm and laser-purposeful underneath.
You are soul filled and fulfilled such that you are no more described and circumscribed by any human state of disease or health , lack or poverty; and nothing can disturb your peace river-soul
There is nothing like an independent soul; we are all interrelated and connected. What you need is a soul family that support you to be and remain defined to your individualized role and space; and the Mystical Living Program(MLP) provides you that platform. using high-level spiritual tools that are reserved for initiates Mystics of Etherean Mission Work to align you with your own innate role and space. this gives them the opportunity to foresee any interferences to your force-filed and to correct them.

Questions or concerns please contact us via email at or at 760-633-1033<s

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