How do you attain Inner Peace?

Everyone craves Peace. Yet for most of us it is fleeting. You may have moments of feeling at peace but most of the time the hectic nature of life has you in a rush, anxious, feeling like you can’t keep up… overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Life seems to be a series of events, demands, conflicts, all seeming to preventing you from being at Peace. Today Peace seems like a rare commodity. Seemingly impossible to obtain. Something you want but seldom experience and you hardly ever come across people who seem to be at Peace. As you listen to the news from around the world you find the possibility of peace more and more remote…How is world Peace Possible?

I have the Formula for World Peace! It starts with the Activation of your Inner Potentials! – Brother Ishmael Tetteh

The Path to World Peace is through Inner Peace.
The Way to Achieve Inner Peace is to Know You. Know Yourself!

When you know who and what you are, your attention turns away from the so called rat race. Knowing You, you feel fulfilled and powerful. You experience harmony in relationships. You have positive influence in life and you realize your purpose. Knowing your purpose awakens your hidden potentials, aligns you with your power, unleashes prosperity and grounds you in Peace. Another key to knowing you in understanding the Laws of Nature that surround you, that are operating daily, even if you aren’t consciously aware of them. So learn these laws; be able to observe and use them to create the life of you have always imagined.

Essential Life Education (ELED) will guide you to knowing who and what you are, to be at peace with yourself, your family, your neighbourhood, the world. ELED is the key to life and relationship mastery. The Way Forward will reveal the Principles of Nature and will show you how to live in harmony with yourself and with life.

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“In my life time, I have seen the cold war dissolved; I have seen the Berlin wall come down; I have seen Apartheid dismantled; I have seen a man of colour in the White House; and I have seen grassroots movements topple governments through social media. In our lifetime, we can together heal segregation redirect civilization to the celebration of Diversity in Oneness”…Brother Ishmael Tetteh.


To accomplish anything we have to first believe that it is possible. Once we believe it is possible we mus have a vision of what it looks like. Conscious Humanity knows World Peace is Possible! We would like to show you how.

Beyond food, clothing and shelter the desire of every person is to be at peace. The Peace Manual traces the fundamental barriers, identifies 3 keys and provides a model to achieve peace. Conscious Humanitarians dedicated to achieving inner peace and world peace.

Based on 45 years of research into understanding the human condition, Brother Ishmael Tetteh, discovered the causes of suffering, His goal is to provide solutions to misery and move the world to peace. The Peace Manual is a guide of how to establish Peace in the world.

Three Keys to World Peace

Vision for Peace

Character for Peace

Senses for Peace

To Achieve World Peace we must be in Harmony within ourselves, Harmony with Others and Harmony with Life. To achieve Harmony….

You must first have a Vision for Peace. And ask what does Peace look like? What is Peace? Define it. Hold a vision of world peace that everyone will say yes to and want to be part of it. You need to have a vision that will enroll everyone. For example, at Etherean Mission (Bro. Ishmael’s Ghana and UK centers) their collective peace vision is that of “a unified world in which everyone is a catalyst that is activating and promoting the innate good in one another. Where everyone is promoting each other’s highest good. A world in which everyone and everything is flourishing and that is a world that looks like peace”. You cannot not bring something to fruition without holding a vision of what it looks like? So what is your vision of World Peace?

Then you must have a Character for Peace. Your character comes from your innate self, your upbringing, your culture. When you are centered in knowing how you are coded, you settle into your Character then you come to Inner Peace. Knowing your character gives you a sense of identity. Without a sense of identity you are lost and can’t feel at Peace. When you have a sense of identity and know your character (what are encoded with) and express these qualities, you are empowered, centered and little disturbs you. You then have a Character for Peace

Our five senses of sight, smell, taste touch, and hearing need to be schooled for Peace. The Core Drive within everybody is ‘to be more’. We want to achieve. This drive to achieve and be more expresses through our 5 senses. The senses because they are outwardly focused perceive differences and see separation; creating a sense of lack and isolation. They do not experience that all of life’s elements are there to complement, work with, and support one another. The senses then delineate life’s elements as one being superior to the other. This better than or less than mentality, causes pain, confusion and conflict. The senses have to be schooled to see the oneness that expresses as the in infinite multiplicity. So you still see and enjoy the multiplicity, the uniqueness, the individuality, while you see the oneness and the reciprocal support life’s elements give to one another. So your language will even change from better than to better with, greater than to greater with, power over to power with…when you stand in Oneness and school the senses for peace, conflict, lack, limitation, separation and confusion banish and Inner Peace dawns.

To master these requires both learning and practice, CHI has the teachings and tools to reveal Peace as your very life and essence.

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