Center of Love


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Love is the greatest power on earth.

Why is love the single most popular subject of every music, conversation and the drive of every civilization? It must hold a secret force, hidden to all until now.

Imagine that you can harness all the love you have ever felt and wanted and that you can exponentially increase its potency. The ability to cultivate and harness the energy of love is a spiritual weapon to achieve any good. You already have all it takes to tap into this huge natural force of love to create inner peace, health, and wealth, and whatever you desire.

In this book you will learn the Three Secrets Keys to unlock love within you. Using these tools and magnifying the power of love within you, you will be able to create a fulfilling and vibrant life
When you have Center of Love, you have the power to change your life and your world today

“When Love Speaks, the World Hears” – Bro. Ishmael Tetteh

Love is the most powerful, magnetic, attractive force in the universe! In you, is a pure powerful energy of love. When you activate this power, you attract more love, better relationships, and have health, wealth, inner peace and whatever you desire.
The Energy of Love:

  • Fills you with inner strength and power
  • Animates you
  • Supplies you with the vision of possibilities
  • Puts you on top of the world
  • Gives you a sense of power to do and achieve

Love is the sustainer and creator of life. When you merge with the pure energy of love, you free yourself from the disappointment and pain of everyday living and enjoy a full and vibrant life.
The Center of Love DVD gives you Three Secret Keys to unlock the codes of love within you. Using these tools you will find yourself experiencing more love, inner peace, health wealth and whatever you desire. As love is a powerful creative force of the universe.


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