Essential Life Education (ELED) Workbook


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The ELED workbook is the companion workbook to the Essential Life Education Book. This is your personal Self-Actualization workbook.  It will guide you to have deep personal discoveries to enable you to live fully with yourself, with your environment and with others. The workbook contains a series of exercises based on the teachings of the ELED book.. So you will need the ELED book as a reference while doing the work.  

Through this series of exercises you will be able to come to realizations about how you operate. What drives and influences you and your choices. Knowing how you are constituted in your GPS- Gender, Persona & Senses allow you to see other’s GPS which then leads to relating with others and your environment more effectively and thus having greater success in the world.  The goal of the ELED workbook is to bring you to inner peace and fulfilling happiness. The more of us at Peaceopens the door to World Peace. 


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