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A revolutionary approach to Self-Discovery, Relationships and Life Mastery. 

Essential Life Education provides you with the tools for self-awareness and total life and relationship mastery. We spend most of our lives relating to others and often run into relationship strife. Knowledge of the Self is the key to harmonious and fulfilling relationships and to inner peace. ELED is designed to guide you to discover why you and others are the way you are and why you and others do the things you do. Once you recognize and accept these differences you then can celebrate each other’s uniqueness rather than judge or have conflict.  

Through ELED you will identify your  GPS – Gender, Persona, & Senses. You will see how everyone is comprised of male and female attributes. Your will discover your gender constitution and how it influences your choices and how you move through the world. You will come to know your inner Persona that seeks to fulfill your social, spiritual, physical, psychological and financial quests.  You will also learn how the 5 senses- sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell affect your daily living and that you have a dominant sense that guides your every interaction and choices.  ELED will help you distinguish your dominant sense and come to understand its influence. It is through your senses that you experience the world and your relationships. Understanding dominant senses and being able to identify them in others is indispensable to being influential and having positive relationships. Knowing your GPS becomes your navigation system of life. ELED is your route to life mastery. 


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