Growing the Empowered Child


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The empowered child is one who is happy, creative, confident and responsible, with a drive for excellence. The empowered child is within you and each and everyone of us but may be asleep within you, your child, your grandchildren or children within your community. With this book, learn how to “GROW” children who are free from fear and anger. Children who not only embrace their uniqueness and the uniqueness in others but celebrate diversity and encourage individuality.   

This book provides an understanding of the barriers to empowerment and how to overcome them.   The guidance in this book falls under 4 topics: 

  • Looking at the Challenges and Problems associated with Growing the Empowered Children 
  • Offering Simple Remedies, Formulas and Solutions to these Problems and Barriers
  • Providing Youth with a Holistic View of the World they are Living in to get the Best out of Life
  • Growing the Innate Abilities, Qualities, and Capabilities in Children; Supporting Children to Actualize their Potential 

 This book provides you with the tools to awaken, guide and raise strong, resourceful, and empowered children and the ability to activate this growth potential in you!


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