Mission of Jesus Revealed


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It is over 2000 years since Jesus lived, who came to show us our human divinity, our oneness with life, and our direct relationship with God. If we had practiced these teachings, we would have awakened to our true potentials and experienced inner peace, which would make world peace possible. Even though this book is about Jesus the Christ and Christianity, it is a book for us all. It provides a universal message and teaches the practice of Peace & Love.  

Jesus showed clearly what was expected to live a life of peace and love yet through the millennia people (even Christians) have deviated from his teachings or modified them to suit some parochial and patriarchal interest, which means we stand in opposition to him rather than for him and what he taught. Ever since the time of Jesus, people have said many prayers, built churches, paid priests, spoke his name for salvation, done all sorts of ablutions and penance, yet his teachings of peace and love remain elusive as ever. Christianity, as with other religions, as been more a tool of divisiveness and war than a path of peace, love and unity.  

Can humanity realize that religion is to be responsible to build harmonious relationships between people and their neighbors and people and their God?   The Mission of Jesus Revealed, will untangle the teachings from societal, parochial and patriarchal influence, misguidance and misdirection.  This book will take us back to the biblical story of Jesus, to study his mission, clarify his messages  and trace our path back to the practices that were meant as a model for life, and find the paradise he promised.


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