Sex Communication and Money




The goal of this book is to help you become the person you were meant to be – a person of influence. 

 Be the Master of your life, by ruling the three forces- Sex, Communication & Money, that rule the world.  By handling them effectively, you can achieve influence over life. This book teaches how to use Etherean Mission Application Technology (EMAT) to optimize these drives. Much of our daily lives revolves around these 3 forces. Sex, Communication and Money.  

The sex drive is more than having a satisfying sexual relationship. It is also about how our gender, our sex, influences our lives and our relationships.  Sex is both the energy of life and the medium of creation. It is divine and sacred. This book teaches the divinity of sex.  

By nature, we are abundant. Abundance flows unrestricted. It flows in, through and as us as ideas, visions which materialize as wealth and/or money. We have a choice as to what we are abundant in.  It is natural to prosper. SCM identifies technologies for prosperity, by unleashing your nature to flourish and prosper.  

Communication is a symbol of life. Progress and civilization are dependent on effective communication. In EMAT communication goes beyond conventional strategies. EMAT teaches communication with your mind, body, & spirit and how to communicate with the source of all life. The human mind is scientifically said to be energy imbued with reasoning. Science has shown that energy travels. Thoughts are messages of the mind and a form of energy; thus, likewise travel. Properly directed, a thought can leave its source travel through infinite space to the power behind the universe, receive information from the target to which it was sent and return to its source with clear feedback. Communication in EMAT deals with soul to soul transmission of ideas and dialogue with the universes in which we live. 

With this book you are on an expedition to gain yourself, gain your power and stand in your greatness. 


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