Spirituality in Christianity


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Through this book you will awaken to Christ-entered Christianity. Christianity was founded by followers of Jesus the Christ 300 years after his death. Jesus, was a spiritual leader who came to teach us how to live by spiritual law. Unfortunately the import and the meaning of his teachings has been lost to many, including Christianity. Much of Christianity focuses on Jesus as being the Salvation rather than the way shower for all of us to actualize The Christ within.  

Christ came to reveal to us that we are Spirit Beings. It is the role of Religion and Spiritual Cosmologies to offer spiritual sustenance through teachings that instruct us on our true natures, why we are here on earth and provide the tools to accomplish our reason for being here. Just like you go to school to learn about physical life and how to manage it; religions are to provide education in how to manage your spiritual life.   

Tragically, most religious institutions have missed the mark. The question is ‘does your church or religious institution teach you about who you are in spirit, enabling you to know why you are here’? Spirituality in Christianity divulges the spiritual teachings of Jesus the Christ. It will provide you with an understanding of who and what you are in Spirit through the teachings of Jesus. If you don’t know the truth of who you are, it is a tragedy. To not know your purpose is the greatest calamity you can face.  Read this book and be nourished and in alignment with your True Nature and why you are here.


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