The Fountain of Life


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The Fountain of Life leads you to find the purpose and meaning of life. It offers the reader insights into the reality of life and living beyond our everyday beliefs.  The teachings in this book challenge you to grow and transcend popular doctrine, societal beliefs, and norms. It gives you the tools and the understanding to move through life successfully!  

Imagine a life without fear, anger, hate, doubt, or guilt. A life that is centered in knowing the Truth of who you really are…. not the negative messages you received growing up, from parents, teachers, peers or even employers. There is something in you that is you that is greater than any of your experiences and it is what you are made of. This book uncovers the True You!  When you discover that, you discover the meaning and purpose of life. The Fountain of Life illumines life where it is understood and mastered! 

The teachings in this book are based on metaphysics. Metaphysics is not a religion. It is the science of religion. The science of spirituality. Metaphysics cuts across all denominations and brings to light the universal laws of Nature that operate the universe, nature, and our lives.  Its teachings are brought to you in this book.  

This book is a must have for every person interested in personal and spiritual development and growth!


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