The Way Forward




“Man must overcome deeply embedded false concepts to live a fully empowered life” 

 – Bro. Ishmael Tetteh 

This book provides you with 18 principles of Nature which are the key to living a life of personal freedom. The Way Forward helps you to discover erroneous thinking that keeps you prisoner to an unrealized life. This book takes you on adventure into your soul. 

Deep within every person is the desire to be at peace and a life that serves the highest good of his or herself and the highest good of all mankind. Yet many people are not living the life they imagined because of their core philosophies. To live the life that you dream, you must have a core philosophy that drives your life. Your core philosophy is what runs you and determines your identity and sense of self.  Core Philosophies are responsible for your thoughts, emotions and attitudes and well as how you to respond to what life brings. It’s what shapes you and predetermines where and what you will be throughout your life.  The issue is that most of us, live core philosophies that are not empowering and are not in alignment with the universal nature principles that rule the universe.  

This book will uncover and decode the code of your non-working philosophies. It will provide you with a Core Philosophy that will empower you, free you and activate all the capacities within you.The Way Forward is a Dynamic Book for Motivation, Wisdom & Personal Growth.  

It’s time to claim your Freedom. This book shows you The Way Forward.  


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