Dear Members/Leaders of Awakened World 2012:


I send my greetings and prayers to you from Accra, Ghana for more Peace, Love and Harmony in the New Year.


As we review the events of 2012, I consider our work together in Italy at Awakened World 2012 as a powerful contribution to planetary healing. In sharing examples of programs which support cultural evolution, we agreed to see how we can work together to make an even greater difference in the world. I am reaching out to you in this new year and this new era to extend my support and willingness to collaborate with you in whatever you are doing for planetary peace.



Planetary Peace


I have dedicated my life to World Peace and believe that World Peace is possible in our lifetime. I also believe that we can attain World Peace through Inner Peace, if each one takes conscious steps to creating inner harmony. Many of you asked to know more about the two programs I mentioned during the dialogues – they are ‘Essential Life Education’ and ‘Growing the Empowered Child’. 


Essential Life Education is a revolutionary approach to self discovery and a practical approach to relationships.  Growing the Empowered Child is a comprehensive program for parents and teachers to encourage children to be confident, creative, responsible and have a drive for excellence. A brief overview is attached and there is more comprehensive information on our website


We are at the crux of an evolutionary leap. We are the ones creating a vision for change. Say YES! to World Peace through inner peace in your Life.



Prayers for 2013


My team of spiritual mystics has spent the week in prayer and meditation for the world and we included a prayer of healing for the many children who lost their lives — some to the gunshots of angry and depressed teenage boys, others to the attacks of trained and armed military soldiers, some to hunger and famine, and millions during the simple act of childbirth. 2012 has been a challenge for our world and for our children.


As we begin this new year, I offer you a special blessing…

This is a year of new and magnificent beginnings for all who are willing to accept them.

We stand at a juncture of planetary shift where the divine masculine honors and elevates the divine feminine.

We embrace our children with open hearts, excellence, respect, appreciation and high regard for their uniqueness.

We call forth all to stand united for a new era of peace, justice, equality, fairness and compassion.


We bless your life and celebrate the impact that you are making in this world.

We bless the children and celebrate the contributions that each one is making right now.

The unlimited potential of the Universe expresses through your words and your works

The Universal Spirit of Creativity comes to its full glorification through you now. 


                                 And so it is. Amen.


Please feel free to contact me personally to discuss how we can raise the planetary vibration for peace together. I can be reached at


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