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All that you have been seeking... All that you want is already within you. You possess infinite innate potentialities, just waiting for you to activate them. They lie dormant, not fully expressed until you do. Conscious Humanity’s programs and soul processing sessions give you strategies to tune into your power and unlock the wealth of resources, capabilities and capacities within you. They are designed for you to realize your life purpose…what life is seeking to do as you… and give you the tools to access and harness all that you discover is already within you. These strategies will guide you to create new habits, practices, and thought patterns. So you can live a life on purpose, in power, that prospers and be at peace.

Live the Life you have always longed for and envisioned through our teachings and Soul Processing Sessions.

The 3 Mystical Truths are simple Principles of Nature and Practices that radically change your life. These truths bring you in tune with Life's intentions for you. This program is an initiation that will change your life forever.

Many Live as though they will never die and die as though they have never lived.....

The Three Mystical Truths helps you live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Daily we pay the price for going against the rhythm of Nature. As people, we live in discord, feeling alone, disconnected, and bearing the weight of the world. It is because we are not in harmony with Nature. Unlock Nature's wisdom and discover revelations...

You emerged from this great, magnificent universe and you carry the essence of the universe. Just like the wave that emerges from the ocean, carries all the attributes of the ocean.

All that the universe is, is within

When we emerge from a powerful, magnificent, expansive universe that is coded with enormous love, intelligence, creativity and so much more, then we too carry all these qualities and capacities within us. Cosmic emergence unveils Your Magnificence, Your Power, and Your Abilities to Create. Awaken to what you have emerged from and what you are encoded with to experience Your Greatness and Your Essence…

Essential Life Education (ELED) is a self-discovery program. A journey of self-awareness. Life is about relationships. How can we be harmonious with and know others if we aren't fully aware of ourselves?..

This course guides you to know your GPS - Gender, Persona & Senses and how these 3 affect your choices & life outcomes. It gives you knowledge of why you and others are the way you are and do the things that you do. With this course your innate potentials are activated and experience profound inner peace. ELED is the key to relationships and life mastery

Growing the Empowered Child program is a study of how to raise children who are awakened to and celebrate their innate uniqueness. An Empowered Child is one who has a high degree of self-worth. This child is happy, healthy, responsible and creative.

Raise children who are free from anger. As you study Growing the Empowered Child, you will heal your own childhood. This program supports parents, teachers, caregivers, anyone who interacts and cares from children to grow into responsible adults, who know their value and have a drive for excellence..

Cosmic Emergence Facilitator (CEF) program helps assimilate the Cosmic Emergence Program Material to be able to successfully impart it to others and lead others to their own awakening of who and what they are.

The most important thing you need to know as a CEF is that Nature reflects the mind of God; and when you, in turn, reflect on Nature you capture the Mind of God. In African Spirituality, Nature is the only Scripture. The stars reveal the secrets of life, the forest is the library, the mountains, plains, and valleys carry the history of existence, the animals tells the story of life. THere is mastery to observing and listening to nature to capture it's wisdom..

You don’t have anything until you have yourself. Soul Processing is a Master Breakthrough Technology. A special science developed by African Mystic, Brother Ishmael Tetteh. It is matchless in its Power to emancipate you from your negative thinking and inner griefs. Liberate your Soul so that you can shine and know you are worthy!

Be free of all mental, emotional, psychological, physical, social, spiritual and financial baggage you have been carrrying around for far too long. Clear unwanted or debilitating information collected in your system and restore your greater abilities. Soul Processing flips your pains from debilitators to liberators that fuel your abilities and strength! Live an unrestricted life that is joy-filled and limitless. A life in which you live fully, purposefully, powerfully!

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