Program 11:Prosperity Declarations & Prayer

Recognise, witness and feel you as a part of a prosperous Universe and declare:

It is a prosperous Universe that contains over a hundred billion galaxies; galaxies that are each populated with over a hundred trillion Starry System; Starry Systems that contain planets and moons and many more; our Starry System, the Sun that contains our Earth and other planets. It is a prosperous Universe.

It is a prosperous Earth that contains over 2,000 species of fishes in the water bodies and over 8.7 million species of animals on the land; and over 10,000 species of birds in the air; and over 91,000 species of insects alone and infinite number of rays from the sun to light our days and warm our bodies; and humans of varying races, religious creeds, cultures and endowed with minds that continue to invent and create numerous magic in the fields of science, medicine and technology. It is a prosperous Earth that includes me.

It’s a prosperous Universe and I am here to prosper and to prosper life.

I feel me prosperous in my relationship and the prosperous Universe prospers my relationship by me and through me.

By me and through me, the prosperous Universe prospers my life /family / business for the promotion of its own highest good.

Life is forever at the edge of the precipice of doing its next best self yet; and it does it through me.

Prayer For Prosperity or Riches

Stage 1:There is a law of multiplication in the Universe that ensures that the pawpaw holds within itself thousands of itsĀ  seedsĀ  for its propagation.

Stage 2:This law and Power is God and as the air that feeds the papaw is one with me, I am one with God.

Stage 3:Infinite multiplication is the law of my being that now multiplies my wealth and amplifies my good.

Stage 4:I give thanks to this law of multiplication that generates my immediate evolution into riches now; and I accept my days of riches in this time and space called now. And so it is. Amen.