The Oracle with Nature Retreat

With Brother Ishmael Tetteh

June 10-13, 2021
at Mt. Madonna Center, Watsonville, CA

The Oracle with Nature Retreat brings you to a personal intimate and direct relationship with the universe. Awaken to why you are here, what life is trying to accomplish IN you, THROUGH you, and AS you.
With the technologies you learn, you will instantly begin to feel the power of the universe that is working through you. Thus you will realize the power that is available to you and is You! As you come into this awareness…

Your Human Anxieties fade into nothing.
You now live an assured life.
You live your highest and best ideals.
You let go of your own visions and start tapping into the larger vision for your life.

Through this indigenous teaching, Oracle with Nature, you will learn to tune in…just like a radio tunes to a particular broadcast frequency you will be able to receive the transmission of the universe. The Universe is a living entity. It talks. Oracling with Nature, you will learn how to speak to the various forces of Nature and experience direct responses. You will learn how to commune and communicate with the elements, such as the air, the waters, the earth, the mountains, the dust, the trees, the forest, the birds, etc.. When you are having an issue or wanting to expand you can ask the elements for the solution. You come out of this program knowing that you have the ability to speak to the universe and get direct responses. You will expand your mind and consciousness to receive the knowledge base of the universe

You come out from this workshop now having infinite number of resources that will assist you in any area of your life. Your ability to connect with the life you are living in is the greatest benefit you can ever make. To be able to know the solutions that life has for you and what greater good life is seeking to do through you for yourself and for others is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  

Are you ready reset, refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate?
Are you seeking answers and wish there was a way to tune in to your soul’s direction?
Are you wanting more meaning in your life?
A life of Purpose, Power, and Peace?

Then Sign Up Today for this Special Retreat with Bro. Ishmael Tetteh.

This is the first time he will be facilitating the Oracle of Nature outside of Africa which is typically only taught to his Mystics.

The Oracle with Nature Retreat is your time to:

  • Come in tune with your Soul’s Call
  • Learn to hear the Voice of Nature, the Voice of the Universe
  • Come to a greater understanding of what you are here to be and do
  • Feel Connected and Fulfilled
  • Live Inspired, Feel Alive, be in Joy and Harmony with all of Life

This is the next level of spirituality, Nature’s Spirituality
The retreat is simply taking you into the study of Nature’s spirituality to discover what you have emerged from so you are able to connect to the varying possibilities of the cosmos. You will come out knowing you are Cosmic Emergence – a Cosmic Potential being, fully alive, connected to the powers and the possibilities of the universe.