Study the Three Mystical Truths with Brother Ishmael


Activate the Spiritual Software that you loaded and coded yourself with before you arrived here and reveal infinite possibilities for your life.

The Three Mystical Truthscan rarely be explained but their power is almost instant. This is a course-initiation that will change your life forever.

Many people live as though they will never die and die as though they have never lived. The Three Mystical Truths help you live a meaningful life.

The Second Mystical Truth:
                              Life goes ahead of you providing what you need before you need It.

You are not here on Earth by yourself and for yourself. The Universe has coded its possibilities in you and you only need to know how to activate them.  The study of the Second Mystical Truths is the answer.

The Second Mystical Truth enables you to activate your Five Major Power Centers

Awaken these sleeping abilities and learn how to vibrate from the five Power Centers:



“Oneness” -There is Oneness                          

“Greatness” – I am here to be more

“Instant Transformation” – I can change instantly

“Source Wisdom” – Source Wisdom provides before I need  

“Cosmic Wisdom” – I can know what I need to know when I need to know it

This class offers the opportunity to work with Brother Ishmael on a daily basis allowing his powerful teaching to take you to the next level of your planetary existence.

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NB: Previous study of the First Mystical Truth is not required to join this powerful group.

WHEN: January 31, 2013 – March 1, 2013

WHERE: This class is being taught via Tele-Seminar

TIME: The initial 20 minute daily call will be at 6:00 AM -PST and replays will be available the entire day.

COST: To participate in the Three Mystical Truths tele-seminar series active membership in the Mystical Living Program (MLP) is required.

  1. The Mystical Living Program (MLP) is a powerful on-going donation based program in which you are spiritually aligned monthly by Brother Ishmael’s Spiritual Team in Ghana.
  2. You can register to donate as little as $25.00 per month.
  3. If you donate $50.00 per month or more you are assigned a Mystic from the Inner Circle of the Etherean Mission. You can contact them when you have challenges in your life, or issues that need extra attention.
  4. Once the course starts on January 31st you will not be able to join this particular group until March when we start the group on the 3rd Mystical Truth.  The order you do the Truths is not important.
  5. You are under no obligation to participate in the daily call or with the Three Mystical Truth program. You can choose to be a part of the Mystical Living Program and reap those benefits.For program registration please

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Questions or concerns please contact us via email at or at 760-633-1033

What students of the
1st Mystical Truth are saying


I continue to be awe struck at the Channel of Primordial Wisdom that Brother Ishmael offers the world. This work offers every Soul the opportunity of a lifetime on the path to Self-Mastery

This is an opportunity to work with the forces of Nature to cleanse your bad memories away and to recreate your life in alignment with goodness.

If you want to really know how you are connected to the universe and all life around you, take this course. You will receive the most profound methods ever offered for making permanent transformation in your life; to Know Thyself.

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