Etherean Mission was formed around me in 1975. People who were consulting me for Healing and clinic services received periodic spiritual messages from our monthly convocations. Those who believed in it decided to stay and it became a church.

My message was and has been different from the traditional Christian teaching of hell-fire-and brimstone. I have a simple message:

1. God is absolute love and the devil does not exist.
2. Our culture is as divine as other cultures in the world.

These teachings met with and still meet with strong opposition and persecution, especially, from adherents of the Christian, Charismatic and Pentecostal faiths. The persecutions were reinforced by the regular visits of evangelists from the West, who with the dollar power, hold large crusades to bind the devil. Their message of devil, hell-fire-and brimstone inspires fear and I know that a people filled with fear cannot make any meaningful progress in their lives. Their teachings also propagates the idea that everything African is wrong; our culture, names, skin color are all wrong. A people who do not believe in themselves are doomed.

I stood alone as the strongest voice against the above teachings. I perceived the persecutions as coming from ignorance telling me the degree of its malady so that I may prescribe the appropriate medicine.

To cause a change, I decided to put my Ministry on a year long prayer so that we will have connection with Ministries of my type of thinking and philosophy to come into partnership with us. My thinking was that, if Ghanaians will hear the message from others who teach what I teach, they will believe as they believe the other Western ministers.  In 1986 I created a prayer decree that stated thus:

We command the appearance of a Ministry with our thinking and philosophy to come and look for us, so that we form partnership for planetary liberation. A ministry shall be formed in the West with our thinking and philosophy and shall come and look for us, and we form partnerships through them with others for planetary liberation.

After a year of prayer, praying it every Sunday and Wednesday in church, we declared it done.

In early 1996, revelations from my Mystical team indicated a possible answer to a prayed request from the universe. In June-July that year, news got to us that a group of missionaries from the West wanted to visit Ghana and would want to visit a Science of Mind-like church. The local tour company told them that there was no such tradition in the country. A month prior, a member of my church has been employed in that company. Overhearing the discussions from his boss, he suggested that they come Etherean Mission since we do a Spiritual Mind Science called Soul Processing.


Agape Arrives Home at Etherean Mission 

Divine reprieve! Unbeknown to us, our last guide was a member of the Etherean Mission. Having listened and participated in the conversations of our travel, he would interject, that, you will love our last destination because it is so akin to what you are talking about.”

Arriving at our destination, immediately upon stepping into the sanctuary of the Mission, I knew I was at home. There sat Brother Tetteh and his spiritual practitioners in their regal white robes. Beautiful enough, but it was their inner glow that outshone anything visible to the human eyes. Brother Tetteh rose up, swept me over with his penetrating glance and asked, “Are you the one?” I was overtaken by his majestic stature and humbled by his conspicuous joy in looking at me. “I am the one.” I found myself answering with calm  actionac assurance. In that instant an eternal bond of spiritual friendship was cemented in eternity.

There is no time or distance between souls. As night turn into day, that which is our own surely comes to us from across the world! May our story provide you with the factual evidence of this spiritual principle.
As we re-enter the present measurement of time, 2002, Brother Tetteh and I have traveled back and forth to each other’s spiritual centers countless times. Each time we consistently find that we are greeting souls with whom we have walked the path to liberation for many, many lifetimes in varied dimensions of existence, those who are here to participate in the upliftment of the planet to bring heaven on earth.


The Story According to Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

A mystical truth powerfully activates the communion of consciousness I share with my spiritual brother, Ishmael Tetteh: there is no time or distance between souls. Our meeting was predestined since the beginning of time, an obvious conclusion in the tradition of shamanic wisdom by indigenous peoples.

It all began in Accra, Ghana in 1996. For the sake of sharing our journey with you, our valued readers permit me to share with you Brother Tetteh’s clairvoyant vision. In 1986 he and a band of spiritual practitioners made an arduous trek to the equator. Once there, he cast upon the ethers a prayer that “a group be formed in America and make a pilgrimage to Africa to support the truth teachings of the ages.” A bold demand in a country that has been so deeply influenced by missionaries lacking the inner vision to comprehend the existence of the esoteric, sacred teachings of the shamans and mystics of Africa. And what are those teachings? That the Godhead lives inside each one of us, that we and all creation are made in Its image and therefore never have to turn to anything external to our own inward self-realization of this truth.

Is it not synchronistic that precisely in the very year, 1986, I founded Agape International Spiritual Centre  a spiritual community based on the eternal verities of the one God that lives in and as each one of us throughout all creation? Brother Tetteh stood firmly on the unshakable rock of his faith that day in 1986, because it took until 1996 for me and Agape’s pilgrims to arrive at the cradle of spirituality, my beloved Africa, to participate in the fulfilment of Brother Tetteh’s inward knowing. How often in the solitude of his soul had he cried out to the All Knowing One, “when will he come?”

Even as we were in flight, I was unselfconsciously telling my travelling companions, “Something is going to happen when we’re in Africa.” It was in itself a simplistic statement, but for me it was permeated with an exhilaration I knew was not part of our planned itinerary! The first leg of our journey was beautiful, but it had not yet yielded the significance of my claim. Another intriguing feature was my continuous inward repetition of “Accra, Ghana.”