[fancy_header]The cosmic truths[/fancy_header]
The Three Mystical Truths are simple truths of Nature and their practices that will radically change your life and bring you in tune with Life’s intentions for you. The Three Mystical Truths can rarely be explained but their power is almost instant. This is a course-initiation that will change your life forever. Many people live as though they will never die and die as though they have never lived. The Three Mystical Truths help you live a meaningful life.

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  • Enhance your evolution for a fulfilling life.
  • Optimize your life to enable you make right choices for a meaningful life.
  • Connect and align with the cosmic principle to gain life’s support for your life’s quests and dreams.
  • Activate the Spiritual Software that you loaded and coded yourself with before you arrived here and reveal infinite possibilities for your life.
  • Use spiritual energies of Nature to quickly free you from the negative and restrictive forces in your life and embrace Life’s intention for your life.


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You did not bring yourself here to Earth and you are not meant to do this journey alone. When your life is in harmony with the Supreme Purpose of the universe you live in passionate joy and in enlightened Bliss.

We are living in a Creative, Loving and Intelligent universe that has experimented with itself for billions of years before it brought us here from itself. It is still evolving and when you learn of its principles and bring yourself into conscious alignment with it, your evolution is enhanced, your life is optimized and you live a full, meaningful, purposeful and joyful life.

[fancy_header]The First Mystical truth[/fancy_header]
The First Mystical Truth “I am hear by the Collective Power of the Entire Universe,” has five steps, including the Mystic Marriage that enable you to be free from all the restrictive forces and mental viruses that you have allowed to plague your consciousness and activate your potential and Nature’s vision of possibilities for you.
[fancy_header]The Second Mystical truth[/fancy_header]

The Second Mystical Truth enables you to activate your Five Major Power Centers.

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  • The First Power Spot, ‘There is Oneness’ awakens you to the oneness of life. It is only in this oneness that all things are possible.


  • The Second Power Spot, ‘I am here to be more,’ activates your soul’s ability to express and experience abundance, growth and wholeness. It is your ability to be more is the energy you use to grow your health, wealth and visions.


  • The Third Power Spot, ‘I can change instantly’ is your ability to change and transform your life quickly into any noble goal that you want your life to represent.


  • The Fourth Power Spot, ‘Source Wisdom provides before I need’, lifts you to be in step with Creative, Love, Intelligent Universe that goes ahead of you providing what you need before you need.


  • The Fifth Power Spot, ‘I can know what I need to know when I need it’ is your ability to receive the infusion of Cosmic Wisdom.


[fancy_header]The third Mystical truth[/fancy_header]
The Third Mystical Truth “Sacred Life is here as me,” brings you into mystical union with the Creative, Love, Intelligence of the Universe. It is a two-step process that dissolves you and instantly lifts up the Essential You and merges you with Ultimate Reality, The Sacred Life which comes into its fullness as you. The Three Mystical Truths is available here.
This powerful truth also aligns you to work with your Ancestors in a way that we are sure you have not
worked with them before for a powerful transformation in your life.


Join The Three Mystical Truths Program  NOW And Be Transformed!

[fancy_header]Why You Should Participate[/fancy_header]
The Mystical Living Program gives you this access to Ultimate Reality. Simply you live in harmony with Nature. When you sign up for the Mystical Living Program:

You receive monthly mystical Lessons,

You optionally get access to a team of Mystics who are deep in the principles to work with you and align you with the cosmic good.

You are gifted the daily practice of the Three Mystical Truths. For 20–30 minutes each day, you can participate in a live guided call with Brother Ishmael to experience the simple but deep Mystical principles that run the universe. These calls are available to download and use for continuous, deeper study.

You may also gain access to the daily practice of Three Mystical Truths with the Mystical Living Program. By Webster’s dictionary, a mystic is one who has direct relationship with the ultimate reality.

The Mystical Living Program (MLP) is a donation based program offered by Brother Ishmael Tetteh and his team of Mystics in Ghana, West Africa.

The Three Mystical Truths is in progress and participants and raving about its magical transformations in their lives. Here are a few:

Miracles are happening all around me! Life will never be the same!

This is an opportunity to work with the forces of Nature to cleanse your bad memories away and to recreate your life in alignment with goodness.

This course provided one of the most powerful opportunities I’ve ever had to visualize, embody and integrate the transformational process as both inner experience and outer manifestation.

This course has helped me connect to my soul and soul purpose in life, it has opened my heart, raised my energetic vibration, it helps me with my life’s challenges, it has changed me forever. Thank you Brother Ishmael!


Join The Three Mystical Truths Program  NOW And Be Transformed!

Questions or concerns please contact us via email at conscioushumanity@gmail.com or at 760-633-1033