This program is an initiation that will change your life forever. The Three Mystical Truths are simple principles of Nature with practices that empower you and bring you in tune with Life’s intentions for you. These esoteric truths of Nature are demystified and revealed to you. It’s rare to find a teacher who can explain these Laws and bring their power to you.

3MT is a monthly donation-based program in which you are aligned daily with the Laws of Nature by Bro. Ishmael Tetteh. For 3 consecutive months, there are ½ hour, daily conference calls where Bro. Ishmael personally guides you in a Mystical Truth. The call recordings are available online and can be downloaded to listen and learn from again and again. Read Below for the subscription levels and program information.

What is the 3MT Program?

Through these Mystical Truths, this program connects you to your Higher Source, a Higher Power and a Higher Purpose. You discover you. The power and prosperity of the universe that is within you. We come from a living, creative, intelligence and loving universe. It brought us here from itself, seeking to be more of itself a you. To live fulfilled, purposeful and meaningful lives, we must align ourselves with the Principles of the Universe / Laws of Nature that has been in operation for millennia.

To touch Source, to touch ultimate reality is to embrace who you are and what you are. When you know who you are as a product of Nature and are nourished by source, your life will become a constant experience of love, health, wealth, and every good. With the knowledge the 3 Mystical Truths you can heal your body, finances and relationships. You also can free yourself quickly from self-sabotaging negative beliefs. You are here to be more of yourself! 3MT reveals this Truth to you, freeing you from limiting beliefs and elevating you to your True Power.

Join us and connect to the divine flow of abundant good!

  • Align yourself with your life purpose
  • Enhance your evolution for a fulfilling life
  • Optimize yourself enabling you to make right choices for a meaningful life
  • Connect and align with the Natural Law to gain life’s support for your quests and dreams
  • Activate the Spiritual Software that you were already loaded and encoded with before you arrived here and reveal Infinite Possibilities for your life
  • Use the energies of Nature to quickly free you from the negative and restrictive forces in your life and embrace Life’s Intention for You

3MT is a power program that taps into your inherent but forgotten power of manifestation and change. It brings you into authentic authority. When you awaken to Nature’s truth, you realize that life is doing its good and you can no longer block the flow with complaints, blames, doubt, worry and self-sabotaging thinking. Be Your Best, Fullest, and Richest You! Join 3MT!


First Mystical Truth

The First Mystical Truth “I am hear by the Collective Power of the Entire Universe,” has five steps, including the Mystic Marriage that enable you to be free from all the restrictive forces and mental viruses that you have allowed to plague your consciousness. This Truth activates your potential and Nature’s vision of possibilities for you.

Second Mystical Truth

The Second Mystical Truth enables you to activate your “Five Major Power Centers” These Centers:

  • Awaken you to the oneness of life. It is only in this oneness that all things are possible.
  • Activate your soul’s ability to express and experience abundance, growth and wholeness.
  • Grow your health, wealth and visions with the knowing “you are here to be more”
  • Actuate your ability to change in an instant and transform your life
  • Lift and align you with the awareness that life goes ahead of you providing what you need before you knew you needed it. Allowing you to walk boldly, confidently into life knowing you are supported in all your goals.
  • Open you to receive knowledge and wisdom from the universe right when you need it

Third Mystical Truth

The Third Mystical Truth is “Sacred Life is here as me”. It is a two-step process that dissolves the small you, brings you into mystical union with the Creative, Love, Intelligent Universe and instantly lifts up the Essential You, the True You! It merges you with Ultimate Reality, the Mystical Truth, that Sacred Life comes into its fullness as you.

This Truth also introduces Ancestral Work. Bro. Ishmael guides you in indigenous practices that call on and connect you to your Ancestors. Working with the Ancestors brings healing, power, support and powerful transformation to your life.


For 3 consectutive months, through ½ hour conference calls, Bro. Ishmael will guide us in one of the 3 Mystial Truths. Every 4th month is a month for us to go deeper with the practices and teachings. During these months, Bro. Ishmael will hold 2 live coference calls. Then we will begin another round of 3-months of Mystical Truths followed by a month to go deeper. This cycle continues year round.

3MT Subscription Levels…

REGULAR SUBSCRIPTION BENEFIT (Minimum Monthly Donation of $25.00 – $49.00)

  • Daily 3MT Conference Calls
  • Downloadable Recordings for you to keep
  • Monthly Alignment by Bro. Ishmael and the Inner Circle Mystics of Etherean Mission Ghana
    1. You receive monthly alignments with the universe
    2. Whether you are conscious of it or not, other energies from people and the environment interfere with your psyche causing you to lose the spiritual magnetism you need to think your own thoughts and live your own life. This alignment corrects this interference.

ADVANCE SUBSCRIPTION BENEFITS (Minimum Monthly Donation of $50.00 – $99.00)

In Addition regular member subscription benefits Advance Subscribers will receive:

  • Personal Mystic Assigned to you to work on you monthly
    1. This mystic will do deeper spiritual work for you
    2. The work is based on the needs of your spirit
  • Mystical Prayer Support for special requests
    1. Your prayer request goes to the Inner Circle of Mystics whom pray as a team
    2. Additionally a Mystic will personally work on you. A Mystic will be selected, whom specializes in and has advanced tools in your area of need.
    3. The Mystic working on the request reports their findings back to the Inner Circle. If needed the entire Circle of Mystics will work on your case.
  • Please be aware that the Mystics do not contact your directly, nor you them

PATRON SUBSCRIPTION BENEFITS (Minimum Monthly Donation of $100.00 – UNLIMITED)

In addition to the Regular and Advance Membership subscription benefits..

  • You will receive a private Soul Processing session quarterly to address any area of your life
    1. With Brother Ishmael or one of the Mystics
    2. Text BoxThis session can be held by Phone, Skype, What’s App, or in Person (when available).