Are you in financial, social, or health bondage?

Have you tried meditations, affirmations, prayers, mindfulness, with limited to no success?

Maybe you have an active spiritual practice and are looking to go deeper into your soul to activate greater power and awareness within.
The opportunity to claim your freedom awaits.

Step into Nature’s Declarative Living and cleanse your soul.

Break free from the shackles that have blocked your access to the abundant and joyous life you deserve.

It is incredible that the Infinite Limitless You has been held prisoner by tiny, false narratives.

Unleash your creativity and raise your vibrations to download solutions to your life.

Your freedom to have the highest version of yourself is closer and easier than you think.

Brother Ishmael Tetteh has empowered thousands to claim their spiritual, social, psychological, physical, and financial freedom. YOU CAN BE FREE too.

The Secret is in understanding the Spiritual Laws of Nature.

Welcome you back to yourself.

Three Retreat Centers are available for your convenience.


Early Bird Special till May 6th (Vision Church, San Diego), May 10th (Ahaih Center, Pasadena): $200

Regular Price: $250.

Price at the door of the Event is $275

Select and register for Brother Ishmael’s in-person workshops at the following locations:

Workshop 1
Dates: Friday, May 3rd 2024 7PM to 10PM;
Saturday. May 4th 2024 10AM to 6PM;
Location: East Bay Church-Oakland, 4130 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 Center.
Speaker: Sunday, May 5th 2024
Phone: (510) 420 – 1003

Workshop 2
Dates: Friday, 17th May 2024; 7PM to 10PM
Saturday, 18th May 2024; 10AM to 6PM
Location: Vision Church, San Diego.
4780 Mission Gorge Place, Suite H San Diego, CA 92120  Phone (619) 303-6609

Workshop 3
Dates: Friday, May 24th 2024; 7PM to 10PM
Saturday, May 25th 2024; 10AM to 6PM
Location: Ahaih Center for Spiritual Living,150 North El Molino Avenue, Pasadena, CA 9110. Phone: 626-795-4216

Claim your Soul’s Freedom.
Register for the Freedom Tour.
Unlock your potential on your selected dates and locations.