Bro. Ishmael Tetteh the great African mystic as you know him takes you on a spiritual journey of a life time. This a powerful way to start your year and allign yourself with your life’s purpose.

The Three Mystical Truths can rarely be explained but their power is almost instant. This is a course-initiation that will change your life forever.

Many people live as though they will never die and die as though they have never lived. The Three Mystical Truths help you live a meaningful life.

The First Mystical Truth activates your potential and Natures vision.

Practice five steps that enable you to be free from all the restrictive forces and mental viruses that you have allowed to plague your consciousness and activate your potential and Natures vision of possibilities for you.

The Second Mystical Truth enables you to activate your Five Major Power Centers.

Vibrate from the five Power Centers: Oneness, Greatness, Instant Transformation, Source Wisdom and Cosmic Wisdom.

The Third Mystical Truth brings you into mystical union with the Universe.

Connect to the Creative, Love, Intelligence of the Universe. In a two-step process that dissolves you and instantly lifts up the essential you and merges you with Ultimate Reality, The Sacred Life you seek comes into its fullness as you.

Course Particulars.

To participate, Join the Mystical Living Program (MLP).

  1. The Mystical Living Program (MLP) is an on-going donation based program in which you are spiritually ligned monthly by Brother Ishmael’s spiritual team in Ghana.
  2. You can register to donate as little as $25.00 per month.
  3. If you donate $50.00 per month or more you are assigned a Mystic from the Inner Circle of the Etherean Mission. You can contact them when you have challenges in your life, or issues that need extra attention.
  4. Once the course starts on the January 1st you will not be able to join that group until 31st January when we start the group on the 2nd Mystical Truth. The order you do them is not important. Be sure to register before 31st January.
  5. You are under no obligation to participate in the daily call or with the Three Mystical Truth program. You can just be a part of the Mystical Living Program and reap those benefits.For program registration please CLICK HERE