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Welcome to the Wellness Center

Where you can find the inspiration, motivation, and wellbeing techniques to live a life of Purpose, Power, Prosperity and Peace.
There are limitless innate potentials within you. These resources will help you to access and activate the immense and vast abilities that await your expression!

The Wellness Center supports you to return you to your inner balance so that you are centered in alignment with the universe. The simple tools and techniques you find here will connect you to nature’s healing forces and tap you into the frequencies needed for fortification…evolving to your greatest yet to be.

Here are tools for Healthy & Purpose-filled Living!



Happiness is the quest of life. Everybody is seeking to be happy. Often happiness is sought for externally in material things. This happiness is short lived. When we seek happiness where is can be found it is long lasting. True happiness is not about seeking the good things in life but the good things you will be for life. Happiness is an Inner State of fulfilling joy that occurs with the expression and expansion of your innate virtues. Peruse below and expand into an everlasting and fulfilling joy.

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The ultimate purpose of everyone is to be in service for the promotion of life. There is an innate drive to be of service. You can see it in young children who desire to help with cooking and cleaning. As adults, you see it in their careers. In some way every job provides a service.
Many people have conflicts with financial progress and success because of their past injuries. Some come from backgrounds where they were taught to be poor. Others have mental pictures that money is bad or wrong. This programming makes it difficult to succeed. Everyone wants to achieve and be successful. If you are having financial issues or you just want to expand financially and prosper, use these tools to heal the injuries you have with success and especially money so that you can serve life.

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Holistic Health


Life depends on relationship! . All of life grows and flourishes by relationship. Life depends on relationship! . All of life grows and flourishes by relationship. From conception through birth through life you are bound to relate. You have no choice…Life is about relating and interconnection. If you don’t not have a clear understanding of the anatomy and dynamics of relationship, then it causes pain. Often it is assumed you must know automatically how to relate and have harmonious, fulfilling, and supportive relationships. The programs here reveal relationship anatomy. Relationship dynamics start with you. It’s knowing how you are constituted in your GPS- Gender Persona and Senses. This GPS is what navigates you successfully through life. When you know how you operate it gives you insight and inner vision in knowing how others operate so that you cooperate and have healthy and fulfilling relationships.

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The Gift of Aloneness

Home Alone to Heal the World


Inspiration is The Breath Of Life. Throughout the day we experience negative and positive vibrations that affect us and our energy. At the end of every day it is useful to cleanse your psyche and refresh, recharge and renew. This cleansing will bring you back into balance and leave you feeling energized and enlivened. Here is where you can receive The Breathe of Life- inspiration messages and tools that you can use to quickly bring you into balance, back to center, and invigorated! With the simple practices below it won’t just be a momentary feel good but and anchor to the turth of your soul.

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The Art of Service

Your Life In Life


Meditation is the Key to all Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physical and the Financial attainments. It is the needed attention you give to any area of your life to contemplate on to find inner solutions. It is what you do to open you to the solutions of the Universe to meet your every need. There are many types of meditation. Our Meditation Technologies from Nature give you precise and predictable results to empower your life. Gain Nature’s Wisdom and declarations to for your empowerment.

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The Purpose of Life

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