Peaceful People: Peaceful Planet

We have seen the signs of the annihilation of the human race through nuclear bombs and we can stop that from happening. The family system which is the building block of society is breaking down.

World peace is possible in our life time through the study of the Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship.

We learn so many things from our parents and from school but there is no education whatsoever on how to relate with ourselves and with other people based on who and what they are and how they operate. Such knowledge for a start will provide you with personal inner peace.

There is a knowledge system for this called, Essential Life Education. With Essential Life Education, you will discover why you and others are the way you are and do the things you do and how to celebrate your unique differences.

By supporting and promoting this knowledge system, you will be changing the very course of history by birthing world peace and thus make the greatest difference in human history.

Peace comes from within and it is there awaiting our claim. If we can recognize its presence with our five senses we can make it happen. If we can see it within, we can make it real in the world.

Programs developed under Essential Life Education include:

Knowledge of the Self: Knowing who and what you are in your Gender as a male female being, Persona as a good spiritual being and Senses as your gateways for communications become your GPS, that navigates you successfully in life.

Growing the Empowered Child: A program that frees children from fear and anger and enables them to identify and celebrate their uniqueness. We all know that it is anger and fear within us that results in external conflicts and war and their elimination will birth inner peace and open the doors of your creative potentials.

The Art and Science of Relationship: Relationship breaks itself down into Social, Economic and Environmental relationships and your balance in these areas gives you total life mastery.

Marriage Enterprise: program for a purpose driven marriage.

Family Building: You are provided with the tools to raise a family with an honorable character.

Besides the above mentioned programs there is a need for man to live in harmony with the large universe that invited him and not to abuse the rich hospitality of Nature. To address this I developed Spiritual and Mystical programs for activating our innate potentials and to allow Cosmic Will to flow through us.

We need to take this knowledge system to every doorstep in the world through TV, Radio, Internet and the Print Media; and this requires your financial and moral support.

You want to be a great force of Good and this is an opportunity for you to change the very course of civilization, in your lifetime, from self-destruction to self-realized beings that promote peace.

You owe it to yourself, to this generation and the future generations a legacy of peace.

Make a difference. Donate now to support World Peace.

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