Inspired African Mystical Gospel 


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The Inspired African Mystical Gospel reveals the wisdom, healing and transformational practices and beliefs of African Mysticism. Learn about the Traditional African Religion. The African is spiritual. In Africa, spirituality is not separate from the material nor separate from nature. The religious culture is reflected in the daily lifestyle of Africans and is the bedrock of politics, marriage, occupation, medicine, communication, administration, etc.  

African Religion or Spirituality is developed through the observance of Nature and its evolution. It has been handed down orally through millennia. Plus, Africans today continue to divinate the teachings. Thus, African Religion has not founders, nor religious leaders. It has not written doctrine. It is simply lived as life principles and practices. The African Spiritual Tradition also has powerful practices that in the West are referred to as supernatural. In African what the West calls supernatural is a part of the abilities, capacities, and experiences of everyday living. As the African is intimately connected with spirit and nature.  

This book is for all who seek sacred communication with the spirits and with nature. It offers practical techniques to apply this Ancient Wisdom to your life.  The recovery of Africa is dependent upon the restoration of the African mystical religious culture and identity. Read this book to learn the magic of Africa.


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