Etherean Mission Application Technology 04 (EMAT 04)


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Knowledge is power. Learning is a skill you need to master. EMAT 04 is 4th in a series of workable approaches developed to handle core life issues.  Through EMAT 04 you can learn with greater ease, improve your memory, recall and retain the information much more readily 

EMAT 04 equips you with the know-how of how to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is a basic necessity of life. Life is a classroom that no one outgrows. EMAT 04 gives you the tools to stimulate your intelligence, accelerate your learning, with enhanced retention and recall, and making the knowledge your own.  

This book provides numerous exercises to help learners develop a picture mind, enhance their power of memory and increase their word power.  It also activates memory. For adults, it’s your tool to restore and rejuvenate fading memory. For teachers, EMAT 04 will provide you with strategies on how to positively improve a child’s performance and shape their future to be life-long learners, which will grow their influence and power.  Cultivate the joy and power of learning through EMAT 04 

EMAT – Etherean Mission Application Technology is a collection of spiritual, social, psychological, physiological, and financial technologies to ensure equilibrium in life This book is the 4th technology developed the first 3 deal with the three powers considered to rule the world. Sex, Communication & Money, found in the book by the same name. EMAT gives you the tools to handle pain, assimilate life lessons, and the freedom to fully express yourself.


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